Square Enix European Online Store Now Open

Square-Enix announces:

We are delighted to have finally launched the Square Enix Europe Official Online Merchandise Store. Our staff are determined to deliver the best possible service ensuring that our appealing products will always be available to our customers. Your kind support will be most highly appreciated.

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CloudsEnd5205d ago

I already ordered my Clouds Necklace!

robotnik5205d ago

I think the Sephiroth ring would suit you better hehe.

Lucreto5205d ago (Edited 5205d ago )

About bloody time. I have been checking the site for over a year.

I am going to get a plushy Cactaur and Tonberry.


edit: The site doesn't have them yet. :(

Dream Machine5205d ago

Wow Square-Enix just admitted Europe exists... I'm in shock!