StarCraft: Ghost Active Again? reports on a possible slip-up from a Korea Gaming Conference keynote. Nova from StarCraft: Ghost might still be alive and kicking inside Blizzard HQ.

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kalos4030d ago

Exciting if possible, I thought Ghost was gone for good, as a console shooter game it's a bit of a leap. Wasn't the new MMORPG they're working on supposidly a new franchise?

Leord4030d ago

Not sure, where did you hear that btw?

kalos4030d ago

Apparently the same place Wuushu did :D

hay4030d ago

He could've work on it when it was developed. Right now it's cancelled although I would love to see Ghost on my pc or console. That Project Spectre is quite intriguing.
Or maybe they realised that making mmo starcraft game would be more profitable(that's for sure) and would show more franchise world and history. I'd like to see it.

And "I'm gone..." to another thread.

IdleLeeSiuLung4030d ago

This was a game that I was very saddened to see cancelled, just like Tiberium (although I don't think it was that promising). sigh....

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Leord4030d ago

This is awesome. What if SC: Ghost is the new MMO?

Wuushu4030d ago

No, new MMO is a new IP. Starcraft: Ghost would not fall under "new IP". Unfortunately. :(

Leord4030d ago

That's true. Considering they might have a small, 5th team though. And also, Blizzard have been known to tell lies to protect their secrets. Even if that's a little bit of a long shot.

Maticus4030d ago

Has this actually been stated as fact?

Leord4030d ago

That's the thing. I don't have a source for it. It might have been Mike saying "Something really cool new thing", in which a SC mmo would actually fit.

martynmj4030d ago

Maybe Blizz have been sneeky and the "new franchise" was a red herring

kalos4030d ago

That is a possibility. I believe there is merit in it being a fraud, though it would be nice to see Blizzard treading into new territories rather than sequal after sequal (You'll have to forgive my inner critic, they make great games and followups but sometimes I do wish they'd step beyond their 90s hits)

Xulfxulf4030d ago

I'd say they're just listing the games the guy has worked on in his resume. Just because SC ghost was canceled doesn't mean his art design/concept work on it was bad. it's fun to rumor-monger, though.

Leord4030d ago

Yeah, that's a good possibility. Still, they had like tonnes of freelancers for SC:G, and it wasn't developed by Blizzard themselves. They COULD have taken it all on board, and started themselves with it on a small team, or possible some outsourcing again.

SCFreelancer4030d ago

I think you are probably right, but we are still allowed to dream right? :)

I remember hating Blizzard for making this game. Not because its bad or anything but because of their console only route. If they ever decide to revive November Terra (Nova) then do it on the PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.