Swedish Thieves Threaten Christmas DS Shipments

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes: "Thieves have stolen two trucks from the docks in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Inside the trucks were "thousands" of red, black and white DS Lite handhelds, valued at "millions" of Sweden's awesomely-named Kronor. For a country which is already suffering from a shortage of DS units, this is bad news, as the theft will leave many retailers without any DS to sell this Christmas. Police suspect it was an inside job, we'd like to think it was a crack Sony-funded team of truck-driving ninja thieves."

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Old Snake_4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Sweden has changed...

InMyOpinion4024d ago

I've seen your LBP and Banjo comments as well. I can agree that Banjo has changed but Sweden is the same. Believe me, I live there and would know if it changed lol! I'll give you intel if something happens.

ud4024d ago

gotta love swedish ninjas

ar4024d ago

Swedish ninjas? Is that the ones from Little Gamers?

ud4024d ago

I just found the pic hilarious combined with the title