The 10 Best Video Game Romances Of All Time

Video games do a lot of good things, but they can often get romance very wrong. This is why it can be so refreshing when they actually get it right! Below is a list of the greatest romances of all time, the ones that continue to be remembered for giving an honest portrayal of what it can be like when two people fall for one another.

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Geobros739d ago

I never understood the romance between Tidus and Yuna. And could be the best FF of all time, the game is really epic!

Hipp0739d ago

I also didn't really buy the romance with them either and I will never recover from that scene of them both laughing together

FalconofLucis98738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

I thought it was probably one of the best romances in the FF series. Its kind of poetic or ironic really. A modest, introverted young girl stuck inside this small world of hers meets an extroverted, outgoing boy from another world. Nate and Elena are awesome too.

nommers738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Fei and Elly are right up there. Their love transcended multiple life times, and became very convincing as a couple over a long story. Xenogears even has some naked sprite action going on between each other ;)

princejb134738d ago

how about mario and peach. He deserves a award for saving her dum ass from been kidnapped from the 1000th time lol

Cobra951738d ago

He did! She baked him a cake. Woo! What else would he want from Peach? ;)

pietro1212738d ago

Replace Tidus and Yuna with Fei and Elly (Xenogears). That was probably the the best romance story featured in a Square title.