A Love Letter to Split/Second: Velocity

Racing games, on the outside are very attractive propositions to gamers and non-gamers alike. You don’t have to explain to somebody what the object of such a game is. You get in a car and try to get to the end of the course before the other racers, simple.

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windblowsagain1396d ago

Really Enjoyed Split/second used to play it with my son all the time.

Einhander19711395d ago

Still own this beauty on ps3:)

KyRo1395d ago

One of my fave racers of all time. Such a cool concept. Gut wrenching knowing there will never be another one 😭

mcstorm1394d ago

I know I'm with you on that. One of the best racing games last gen. Love to see someone buy this IP and give it another go but I feel this game this gen with cross play would of had better legs and for me mp was the issue because it sold low on both consoles.

KyRo1394d ago

Easily one of the best on last gen. Such a good concept. I hate the fact we haven't really had any arcade racers this generation apart from NFS and that's fallen in quality.

gangsta_red1395d ago

I like these type of racing games. The over the top gameplay was fantastic

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