Disney's Ultimate Band - New Trailer

Ripten writes:

"If you've ever thought that Rock Band and Guitar Hero would be even more awesome if you didn't actually have instruments, Disney Interactive has the game for you. Instead of fake drumming and guitaring, you play air drum and air guitar using the Wiimote and nunchuck. I'm not sure how it works on the DS, though. Trailer follows, but it unfortunately does not show any people actually playing (boo!)."

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Sandwich Bender4033d ago

This is good for me, due to my crippling fear of instruments.

Twizlex4033d ago

Hahaha, seems too simple, but how is this different than Wii Music?

Nostradavis4033d ago

This looks better than Guitar Hero. All they need is a commercial set to that scene from Risky Business and they are all set.

Twizlex4033d ago

As long as it has Heidi Klum and not those dudes, than I agree.

Nostradavis4033d ago

How old is she? It should be illegal to look as good as she does in her older years.

Twizlex4033d ago

My little black stalker book says she is 35.

MK_Red4032d ago

I like Ripten but comparing the best of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band to a freaking DISNEY music game for Wii!!? This game will probably end up worse than Wii Music and Rock Revolution combined.

Twizlex4032d ago

Why would you not compare them, they ARE all music games. If you're talking about the "more awesome" part, I'm sure that was sarcasm.

dro4032d ago

OFF TOPIC... I must be dreaming, a BLACK man is president of AMERICA after all its history of racism and kkk and slavery..e.t.c

I never tought i will see this day... NOW i hope racism can end FOREVER and we can all live in PEACE.... GOD BLESS THE USA :)