Necrophilia, Homosexuality and Orgies - Welcome to Albion

"Albion is a strange place. One minute you're trying on dresses and the next you're slaughtering the population of Bowerstone in the aforementioned dress. Not that this is a bad thing: sometimes you just want to pack up your stuff and move there. Sure Albion has beautiful fields, dark and moody forests (an ideal place to write poetry for your MySpace) and bustling cities but what about sex? Is the nookie in Albion worth moving out of your mum and dad's place for? Or is it a resounding disappointment?" - from Gameplayer

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SlappingOysters4034d ago

Man they really do push the boundaries on this game. I know the choice is up to the user, but humping dead chicks.

Makes for a funny article, but I am surprised this did not get banned in mnore places.

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Official General4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Now Microsoft have RPG games where you can play as a f*g and f*ck some guy up his A-hole? Well check that out, homosexual role-playing in a video game made to look cool......You 360 guys can keep your weirdo games like Fable 2 to yourselves. If you enjoy games like that on a console then fine it's your preference you just dont need to feed us the gory details.

Enjoy playing Gayble 2. Oh sorry I meant Fable 2 ;-)

EDIT: @ 00 - I dont actually find this subject funny at all to be honest with you. That last statement was just a playful joke added for light banter. I seriously think the whole homo thing was bad taste - well I suppose it was only a matter of time before video games embraced homosexuality.

004034d ago

couldn't you come of a better way to bash the 360 cause thats just lame.

Official General4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Well look what we have here! So this is the Fable 2 you guys keep goin on about and how good it is? Now I know why I bought a PS3, Sony is not in business of making gay-themed games. Now I know why I bought a PS3 only LOL hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Fable 2 should actually be called Gayble 2 ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Eiffel4033d ago

Buy a gun and rent a bullet.