Top 10: Games Based on Dinosaurs

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "We here in Canda are extremely proud of all of our sports teams. From the kids starting up in Timbits, the junior level all the way to the pro’s, we will always find the means to show off our support and back our team whichever sport is played. That leads us to the Toronto Raptors who have fought and clawed their way to their first ever NBA Finals in franchise history up against the Golden State Warriors. As the entire country cheers on the Raptors in the pursuit of their first NBA title, we count down the best video games based off of dinosaurs."

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TheRacingX429d ago

I agree with the top 3 of Dino Crisis, Turok 2, and Primal Rage....Jurassic World Evolution is a great park building sim and should be on there, the Jurassic Park Sega CD game should be on there too.... list articles are just opinion fluff

ZeekQuattro429d ago

I played Jurassic Park Rampage Edition a shit ton on the Genesis. Loved playing as a raptor trying to escape the island. Also had a lot of fun playing Jurassic Park 2 on the SNES though I could never beat that one.