E3 2019 Predictions – EA

Player 2 takes a look at EA and hopes for the best (despite expecting the worst) for what they will have on show during the E3 period.

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Platformgamer48d ago

what predictions? the EA program is already known, and it sucks... that's what happen when you close visceral games.

Hewso48d ago

The first part of the article says: "Now it is time for EA, we wrote these before their very boring schedule was released so we realise this is very unlikely, but we are hoping for some surprises in the Microsoft conference from EA as a substitute."

PapaBop47d ago

Majority of it will be trailers of "in engine" footage, they'll talk themselves up like they're the Mother Teresa of gaming and probably try and obscure the fact they've generally had a poor year behind weird statistics like hours played by the community. This is probably the only thing at E3 I won't be tuning in for, I'd rather watch paint dry and then be pleasantly surprised by a few bits of decent news like what is going on with Fallen Order.