Yakuza 5 for PS4 Gets New Screenshots Showing Beautiful Hostesses and More Minigames

Sega released a new gallery of screenshots of the upcoming remaster of Yakuza 5 for PS4, showing plenty of minigames and charming hostesses.

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Yi-Long137d ago

Gawd, I hope it gets released without Sony's recent censorship taking stuff out ...

Played a bit of Yakuza 5 on PS3, liked it, but it basically came out when we had already moved on to current-gen ...


I wonder when Ryu Ga Gotoku will start developing Switch games. Now that Switch has outpaced the PS4 in Japan, I expect a ton of Japanese studios to make the jump.

AK91137d ago

Since Yakuza made the jump to PS4 I don't think the dev team wants to take a step back and make a game on weaker hardware but I do agree with Sony's recent censorship issue Switch would be a better fit for the series.

Last_Boss137d ago


Also the reason you'll never see DMC 5, Monster Hunter World and a ton others there. Nintendo's game has always been catered to low line Japanese games. It means a ton of developers don't gave me to spend millions on studio time and marketing to compete with AAA games. This is how Nintendo competes with PSX & MS.

AK91137d ago

IIRC isn't all this stuff is Japan exclusive, I thought 3-5 were just remasters.

GamingSinceForever137d ago

I started playing from Zero thru Kiwami 2 and I still have 6 in plastic.

I need 3 and 4 to drop ASAP.

Hardiman137d ago

I'm in the same situation. I love this series and I'm also looking forward to Judgement.

lociefer137d ago

Holy hell i thought i was the only 1 !!! My ps3 crapped on me and they're not on ps now, so we're screwed untill sega eventually releases them in the west

lociefer137d ago

Wtf sega just release 3, 4 in the west already !!!

Chumdiddy137d ago

3 & 4 need to get their asses here already

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