Hideo Kojima Shares Detailed Timeline of Death Stranding's Origins & Gratitude to Guerrilla Games

The past few years have certainly been intense from Hideo Kojima, starting with his departure from Konami and the creation of the new Kojima Productions.

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Thundercat7744d ago

So hypep for this game. Playstation owners are blessed for having this one as an exclusive.

IRetrouk44d ago

Cant wait!!! Love kojimas crazy ass mind lol

harmny43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I love it. But they really need to hire a better translator for his English Twitter. Even Google translate does a better job translating his JP Tweets

IRetrouk43d ago

I agree lol, can be really bad at times

AK9144d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Props to GG for creating a fantastic engine and to KP for creating another wild wacky unique experience.

Edit: Had no idea Kojima gave a Skype Presentation to Mads about the game BEFORE he asked him to join the project.

Also got to love how Kojima gives thanks and appreciation to countless devs who offered their game engines to him when he announced Death Stranding.

UltraNova44d ago

So from concept to almost Gold status in 3.5 years? Hmmm

Apocalypse Shadow44d ago

My guess is that the advanced engine was ready in the lighting, animation, A.I., textures, larger open worlds, etc. All his team had to do was create the characters, build the story out and pick the actors.

It's simplifying it but he didn't have to build the engine which might have made things a lot easier. Fox was a multi platform engine and MG4 had to squeeze itself on the cell processor.

He could have maybe used Unreal Engine 4. It's way better than 3. But having Decima targeting PS4 and pushing it beyond Unreal, I would have accepted it too.

Guess we'll find out when he drops the game on us.

UltraNova44d ago

It goes to show some naysayers that Kojima was not procrastinating while at Konami...

Apocalypse Shadow43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

True. Some think he was lazy and bleeding money. When each game he made for Konami was a hit and made all the money back while representing the company honorably.

The fact that someone at Konami stripped all his credits on his games means that someone there didn't like his seniority status in the company and tried to belittle him as some regular employee and not a gifted game developer.

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