AtomicGamer: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Review

Beast Rider is far from perfect, and it won't overthrow Kratos' Greek empire anytime soon. Another pass of polish might have done wonders, as clipping, collision, and invisible wall issues abound. Additionally, check points are few and far between, assuring you'll be playing some later sections over and over.

However, if you can get past these mostly minor issues-and let go of that no-co-op grudge-you'll discover a balls-out, action infused romp that wears its Mature rating like a badge of honor; if you dig over-the-top blood flourishes, lopped limbs, decapitations, charred flesh and bosom-brimming heroines that grunt like Serena Williams every time they swing an oversized sword, then you'll want to give this beast a ride. Or possibly a rental.

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