Dead Island 2 Emerges as Pre-Order on Xbox

Matt writes: "Five years ago, Deep Silver revealed Dead Island 2 to the world. Recently, the game has become available to pre-order in the Microsoft Store."

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ZeekQuattro1820d ago

I remember seeing a commercial for it while watching TWD. Crazy to think that was 5 years ago though.

81BX1819d ago

Yeah. When they said it's been 5 years, I was like holy crap

BLizardXD1819d ago

a typical dead island game will take as long. hopefully it's benefited from the time.

evilkillerk1819d ago

it feels so long ago since I saw that commercial as well

Spurg1820d ago

That's defo gonna be at the Xbox conference

Ricegum1819d ago

That'd be good for Xbox if true. Loved that trailer back in the day.

evilkillerk1819d ago

would think it would be on both Systems. State of Decay 2 is already on PC and Xbox so not necessary to be an exclusive

Sgt_Slaughter1819d ago

It's by Sumo Digital, so not having any hope for this after Crackdown 3

porkChop1819d ago

You do realize they've released great games in the past, right? Crackdown 3 had a really troubled development, and that wasn't solely Sumo Digital's fault.

SilverDemon1819d ago

Dude ..this game has been in development hell just like crackdown 3
Not a good sign

porkChop1819d ago

Right. But that's because the game was scrapped and they changed devs. Sumo Digital wasn't involved at the beginning.

evilkillerk1819d ago

The premises of a Zombie game taking place in California is exciting. Maybe there could even be versions of the GTA 5 crew in the game at some point