Three Single-Player Games to Watch Out for in June 2019

With E3 hitting in the middle of June, the gaming industry is very much going to be looking to the future this month. However, a number of eye-catching single-player games are set to make their debuts in the here and now.

Hardiman1879d ago

Judgment looks interesting as does The Sinking City. I'm getting both and now I'm gonna read up on 198X and get up to date on it.

Stanjara1878d ago

Ok, now I'm excited for 198x.

Smokehouse1878d ago

Can’t wait for sinking city. From my understanding it’s a bit janky and a little on the “budget” side. I just beat call of Cthulhu yesterday and enjoyed it even though I don’t really like those kinds of hiding games. I can deal if I like the story.

Nacho_Z1878d ago

Looks a little bit rough doesn't it but like it wouldn't affect your enjoyment of it, unless it's riddled with bugs I guess. I'm not a big fan of hiding horror games either but Sinking looks like it's got a fair bit of shooting in it.

Smokehouse1878d ago

Yeah. When I know it’s jank going in then I tend to be more forgiving on things. Opposed to seeing a deceiving trailer and finding out after I bought it lol. Yup it actually has combat so that’s why im hyped. I’m just a fan of detective style puzzles and weird ass stories too.

Glak181878d ago

I wish Sega would release their games sooner on PC. Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 all look and play amazing on PC. Would love to play Judgement, but I learned from the GTAV fiasco that there are too many games to play to be buying the same ones for multiple platforms.

In the meantime hopefully Yakuza 6 will be released on PC this year/early next year and that can hold me over until Judgement is put on PC in a few years.

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The Sinking City Developer Frogwares Gets Full Publishing Rights, Promises New DLC

Frogwares, the developer of Lovecraftian investigative horror adventure The Sinking City, has obtained full publishing rights for its game.

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shinoff2183203d ago

Nice to see this has been finally settled.

henbayward202d ago

Good for them. Sinking City was an odd game for me. Tons of jank and filler, and poorly tacked-on combat and character upgrades, but decent writing and stories that were compelling enough to make me finish the game.
It feels like it wants to be a point-and-click adventure game, but got shoehorned into an open-world RPG.

shinoff2183202d ago

I got la noire vibes from it.

SyntheticForm202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Good game. Not bad, not great. I'm still waiting for an amazing Cthulu game. Call of Cthulu by Cyanide/Focus Home got the tone and setting right, but just didn't deliver enough in other areas.

One day, eventually.

CBaoth202d ago

we never will now in this current climate. HP Lovecraft is taboo amongst the major players. Shame too cuz all his stories would make killer side quests in an open world adventure about the great old ones.

Nacho_Z202d ago

Rather than DLC a sequel that built on everything that worked and polished the bits that didn't would be ideal. There was a lot to like about the first game and it'd be a great base for a follow up with improved combat etc.

Feels like the game is a bit old for DLC, I can imagine them grafting on it and nobody buying it.


PC Games That Are Better With A Controller

Here are some great PC games that are even better with a controller. In fact, one can say that they're meant to be played with a controller.

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shinoff2183329d ago

That's why I don't mess with PC gaming for the most part. When I game I'm relaxing. Hard to do that with a keyboard and mouse. That's just my thought on it.

I'm still hoping bethesada adds real controller support to the og fallout or re release them on xbox like what was done with wasteland 1

329d ago Replies(1)
Shiore2u328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

What exactly is so hard about using a keyboard and mouse compared to a controller when subjectively relaxing? Do you game upside down on a crossbar?

Daeloki328d ago

At least in my opinion, with a controller I can lay back comfortably in my couch however I want. Keyboard + mouse would require a table and chair, and requires investing in ergonomics not to completely mess up my back (not saying the couch is good for my back either but achieving comfortability is easier). Again, emphasizing that I'm speaking out of opinion, and I agree with you that concepts of relaxing and which is better are both very subjective matters. All in all I don't think it's a particularly good article since it really boils down to personal preference.

ApocalypseShadow329d ago

Next up:

Article on "Controllers that are best played with a game."/S