VGC Review: Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen

VGC writes: "Hailed as the biggest gaming series of all time in Japan but not so famous in Europe and the United States, Dragon Quest is making its first appearance on a portable gaming system in the west in form of Dragon Quest IV – Chapters of the Chosen.

Before I tell you something about the actual storyline here is one significant point: The game uses a unique way of storytelling – instead of letting you walk through a virtual world with a single person, collecting party members, the game starts with a short prologue (which wasn't available in the original SNES version) and then follows the story of each party member in the form of chapters: There are four chapters in the game just for introducing the members of the party. In chapter one you'll play as a knight, chapter two focuses on a princess and her retinue looking for adventures, chapter three is about a dealer trying to open his own store and in chapter four you'll follow the story of two sisters on the way to avenge the death of their father. In chapter five you'll finally start with the real quest, begin your journey and save the world from evil."

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