Can stories be apolitical? We asked some video game writers and narrative designers

Not every story needs to have a message, but there’s a growing trend of game creators making it very clear that their games have nothing to say about the subject matters they’re visibly encroaching on. But in avoiding the themes they’re dealing with, are these creators stunting their own medium?

ZombieGamerMan1820d ago

Keep politics out of games, we don't need games start preaching to their player base and alienating fans. You can be both apolitical and still make a point, and I would say this even if the politics of the games were in my favor I still don't want it and people who actually play games, you know gamers don't want this bullshit in their games. So keep your orange man bad, your asking for pronouns, and your "diversity" out of my video games cause I just want to shoot demons in the face and drive a burning semi in a crowd of Los Santos pedestrians

Hungryalpaca1820d ago

Yes. You can have political themes without preaching. You can have politics in a game and have a commentary without taking a stance.

Developers seem to be ignoring that.

DillyDilly1820d ago

Probably the one thing the Star Wars prequels got right

NecrumOddBoy1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Bioshock was extremely political without venturing into the "woke social justice" nonsense that is infecting today's society. Just make it count for the story you want to tell.

DillyDilly1820d ago

In world fake political (Star Wars Style) yes real world political in games NO

BanginTunes7771820d ago

Whatever the developer's intentions are really. Not every game should be for everyone and cater to as broad an audience as possible, I'd rather games be more decisive and interesting than just being safe and comfortable like a lot of modern games are. I don't think something like Mario or an arcadey game should get political, but something narrative based like an RPG or even a military shooter - go for it. Lead to a discussion

AK911820d ago

As long as its historical politics yes but identity politics along with other silly SJW nonsense just leads to product that no one wants to buy.

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