Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 and 2 unavailable come June 25, 2019

Today, Microsoft has some important information to share for all players of Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series, Season 1 and 2, on behalf of its publisher. As you might have heard, its publisher is no longer in business, which unfortunately means that Minecraft: Story Mode will no longer be supported. If you have purchased these seasons, please download all remaining episodes prior to the service being discontinued in June.

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Amplitude878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Wait you cant even redownload them later? Thats complete bs

Debating picking up all the Telltale games on disc even though i already have them all digitally. I cant afford them all right now though :(

FBNS878d ago

We keep being warned all digital future is bad... But people only seem to care when it only affects themselves

Amplitude878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

@FBNS yeah i already learned my lesson aha

I've only buy physical for the past year or two other than rare instances. I spend quite a lot more than i would if i did digital since im missing out on digital sales and it's pretty much full price for phyiscal copies of digital-only games (limited run, super rare, strictly limited etc etc) but its well worth it to actually own your stuff imo

zahdab877d ago

even if you go physical with so many games being broken on launch needing a day 1 patch u're stil screwed on the long run

agnosticgamer878d ago

Odds are you will be able to re-download... But, you have to download them first to have access to re-download at a later time. Purchasing the season doesn't automatically download all the episodes. You do that after purchasing the seasons. To everyone else that commented doesn't matter if you like all digital future or not... this next generation is probably the last with physical media... I love the convenience of digital, but it def. has it's cons as well.

Cobra951877d ago

Yes. That's it exactly. Thank you.

elazz877d ago

The way it was phrases sounds like they're not even gonna push the files from their servers if you want to download lol. I guess those TB's allocated globally for these files are too expensive? This is BS

GtPawnSacrifices877d ago

TTg discs will be useless. As the disc comes with Episode 1 only.
Episodes 2 & on must be downloaded.

My question is: is this for all TT games? Or just Minecraft?

Cobra951877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

This is how it has gone every time so far: Your FIRST download of the game has to happen before it gets delisted. Once you have it, you have it. After the game gets delisted, no one can buy it, but existing players can redownload what they already bought and downloaded.

This little piece on doesn't say otherwise. It may be that it means you can't redownload, and that would be terrible. But it doesn't say that. It says if you bought all the seasons, make sure you grab all the games in those seasons before they get delisted. Getting a new game covered by a season pass is like buying it for no money. The system doesn't recognize it being yours until you buy it, even with no money. So make sure to get everything in your season passes before it all gets delisted. (After that, you should be able to redownload when necessary.)

TheRealTedCruz877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Only version still available will be on Steam, it seems. As long as you bought it and have it on your account.

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Sgt_Slaughter878d ago

But DiGiTaL fUtUrE iS gOoD fOr Us though

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FallenAngel1984877d ago

Aye dafuq man I bought that season don’t take that away from me

Shit like this is why I can’t understand why anybody would advocate for digital only future