Rainbow Six Siege brand director: “We don’t want a sequel whatsoever,”

The Daily Star caught up with Ubisoft Montreal to talk about its vision for Siege and future-proofing the popular shooter for next-gen.

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Sophisticated_Chap1824d ago

It's amazing that this game is still going. I played it for 3 months after launch, and was done with it at that point. I love tactical team gameplay, but this game just got boring really quick. Conversely, I still play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 once in a while, and that game came out in 2008.

TheColbertinator1824d ago

Played Rainbow Six 3 last month. Still miss it's chilling sudden death tension.

PapaBop1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Raven Shield? That heartbeat sensor down to the last person on both teams, I miss that sort of tension in multiplayer shooters.

TheColbertinator1822d ago


Yes indeed. One mistake and you die. Two mistakes and your squad dies.

Father__Merrin1823d ago

I'm doing a play through of Vegas 2 classic

Yui_Suzumiya1823d ago

I wish they'd do another Vegas game 😁

MasterChief36241822d ago

I played it a little bit and had fun, but it's suffering from what I call Overwatch Syndrome, where it's hard to have fun with it as a casual player or play with a "favorite" character now. It puts you at risk for being castigated.

bloodymeatballz1822d ago

Looking to join a team. I'm in New York, been playing for 3 years and want to play with people who know how to be a working team. Add me no1plugin on psn

hiawa231822d ago

I am hoping they return the series back to the SP and coop campaigns of the 360 and OG Xbox games which I am still playing today.

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-Foxtrot1824d ago

Yeah but what about something more like Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield or a new Rainbow Six Vegas

Can't really just continue to update this over and over, you need to swap between something to keep iotfresh.

harmny1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

You can't? Tell that to counter strike or dota

Mystogan1823d ago

They will probably make a new rainbow six. Just not a sequel to siege. Meaning something completely different.

Hungryalpaca1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Ain’t gonna happen. Rainbow 6 went from a realistic, tactical semi simulation of terrorist encounters to a storefront for goofy cosmetics with semi realistic gun play against people dressed as clowns.

OneEyedSteve1823d ago

Well obviously it is seen as though they are backwards compatible, duh.

WickedLester1823d ago

Yeah with BC for PS5 and Xbox 2, it seems silly to bring out all new versions of these current gen games. Why not just release patches for those games instead and avoid the confusion?

OpenGL1823d ago

Hopefully developers can implement PS5 enhancement patches for PS4 games like they do with the Pro.

SilverDemon1823d ago

Games should be remastered with free patch (like how borderlands handsome collection got 4k patch for the pro/x)

Pc been getting for update to the remastered versions of games. Why not console?

KwietStorm_BLM1823d ago

The Handsome Collection is the remaster. Those games didn't come out this generation. The patch you're talking about was just hi res textures. PC has been able to handle such assets for years. Consoles are just now getting to that point.

SilverDemon1823d ago

Dude..my comment wasn't about wether the can handle it or not. It's about the fact they shouldn't charge for it.
The 4k texture patch was released on pc,x1 &ps4 at the same time so pc player didn't have(official) 4k texture before. my point is, they shouldn't charge for higher rez texture and call it remaster (or just unlocking framrate )if the the console can play the game natively

Take skyrim for example
It got a remaster but the pc player got it as a free update (higher texture, lighting,etc..) next gen console player should pay for "remasters" but the devs simply release a patch to enhance the last gen version (ps4 x1 versions) just like how pc player are treated

mkis0071823d ago

Vanilla Skyrim never released on ps4 and xb1. Xb1 had bc but thats very different from an enhanced game.

SilverDemon1823d ago

That my point.
Next gen will be backward compatible so charging for updates shouldn't happen again

KwietStorm_BLM1823d ago

"my point is, they shouldn't charge for higher rez texture and call it remaster"

And my point is they never did. The remaster, The Handsome Collection, was already out. The texture pack is independent of that release. The game was already remastered. The texture pack is not what made the game a remaster. That didn't even come out until recently. The Handsome Collection came out a few years ago

SilverDemon1823d ago

Never did? Sure
But what makes you think they won't?
Nowadays you should put anything past those publishers

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DarXyde1822d ago

I would err on the side of caution with that request. My thinking is that, since PS4 games wouldn't ship with PS5 patches, it's going to consume more HDD space. If there's a natural enhancement aspect (e.g., upscaling, frame rate enhancement, or ray tracing), cool, but I think that could be disastrous for HDD space early on.

SixFragz1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Can you imagine this game on next gen hardware?

For a single release, live service supported game, it's astonishing how strong this game is currently going. It's only going to get bigger and better on next gen.

Unlike some games (*cough* Call of Dookie *cough*) that have to release every single year, without a single shred of innovation, just to remain relevant.

Rainbow Six is one badass game. Looking forward to its future.

Lightbullz1823d ago

It is pretty easy to imagine, just look at how the game is on PC.

Hungryalpaca1823d ago

It’s will look like the Pc version.

SixFragz1823d ago

I think I triggered the Call of Dookie fanboys