New gameplay footage of White Knight Chronicles

PSB writes:

The movie that was announced earlier tonight has been launched. It isn't a trailer, but rather a 15 minute video tour of the Level-5 office with a sneak peek of some single player and online action. The movie shows off the transition between fighting as the regular characters and then transforming into the White Knight to take on the colossal boss characters.

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Kain814030d ago

can someone explain how it is please

MA3LK4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

heres a direct link to the video

Its a 200mb file by the way

Kain814030d ago

i can only see a white screen, if i click the Link.

and thx again Bubbles for ya

MA3LK4030d ago

Have you tried right clicking and save as link.

It should then download.

thanks for the bubbles

B-Rein4030d ago

some fast japanese server there downloded the filer under 4 mins felt like 2 lol, anyway love the way the game looks, gettin better better cant wait for this game well thes jus hope for a early 2009 release

dro4030d ago Show
jspc19894030d ago

havent u left that exact comment in a few different posts now? lol

Lyan4030d ago

I'm still very excited for this game. Even more so after the video, but I have to admit I think my hopes were a little high for it. The combat system seems like it is taking rpg combat interaction in the right direction. A portion of rpgs that have always had room for improvement. To be honest though, a year+ ago those graphics were nice*, now though they don't seem that amazing. Not that graphics translates into value or depth. Still getting it though.

prowiew4029d ago

is it me? or is this game is looking (graphics) worst now. I remember i think last year at tgs, that game looks awesome and the combat also. This video seems like a standard rpg. I dunno. i could be wrong. Still looking forward to it

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The gaming GOD4030d ago

Can someone give a different source? Thanks in advance

dimitry214030d ago

i saw the 15mint video and its was great i cant wait for this game

Simon_Brezhnev4030d ago

the site crashing must be a really good video

Simon_Brezhnev4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

i got the link in the forum thanks to mrkeith

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The story is too old to be commented.