Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for June 2019 any good?

Carlos writes: "The month of June has finally arrived and whilst most of us are waiting in anticipation for the exciting announcements that are likely to come out of E3, there are still plenty of gaming releases to keep focused on beforehand. For those with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, a new month means new games - new games you won’t be spending a single penny extra on thanks to the fantastic Xbox Live Games With Gold scheme. So without further ado, let’s jump into the Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles you’ll be able to download free of charge throughout June and find out just how good or bad they are."

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Yi-Long968d ago

Portal is obviously a great game, and personally I always enjoyed NHL games ever since NHLPA on thr Megadrive, despite not caring about the sport itself.

Don't know the other games, so can't comment on those ...

So yeah, pretty good month for me personally.

3-4-5968d ago

Rivals of Aether = 2D sprite animated Smash Bros.

It actually looks kind of fun and I've been wanting to try it out for a while.

Poopmist968d ago

And since it's GWG it will finally have an online community again for a bit

Poopmist968d ago

I'm excited for Rivals of Aether tbh

DaFeelz968d ago

EDF is big dumb fun. That’s all for me.

shaun mcwayne968d ago

EDF EDF EDF, earth defence force is ace.

FanboySpotter968d ago

I was about to get portal on pc then I saw the games with gold june and wow I'm good now