10 Games Without Platinum Trophies That Need Platinum Trophies

Here are 10 PlayStation games without Platinum trophies that absolutely need to include Platinum trophies.

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NecrumOddBoy786d ago

Song of the Deep was a full fledge Metroidvania and it really should have had a platinum trophy.

PhoenixUp786d ago

Sonic Mania should’ve had a platinum trophy

Teflon02786d ago

Right!? Especially with how BS 2 of the trophies are. Well 1 specifically

ocelot07786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

Walking Dead Season 2 and Hitman are a head scratcher.

Zeke68786d ago

Hitman and Hitman 2 needs platinum(s). I have all trophies on both but no platinum and that's BS considering the time it takes to earn them all. But I can play a crappy 12 trophy game for 30 mins and get a Platinum!? What is the logic behind that?