Playdate: Over 100k Register Interest; Developer Response "Overwhelming"

Twinfinite reached out to Panic Inc. for clarification on the touted number of interested people in its Playdate handheld, and an update on the developer response to this unusual hardware.

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SegaGamer877d ago

Registering interest doesn't mean they will buy the thing though.

ShadowWolf712877d ago

lol I saw a demo of this thing

Makes that recent article about this thing "disrupting the console space" look even more foolish in retrospect. Honestly cannot fathom how or why this thing is getting hyped like it is.

SharnOfTheDEAD877d ago

It has a crank... Wow, you can buy shit like this down the market. It's nothing special.

King_Noctis876d ago

This looks promising. Gonna keep my eyes on it.