R-Type Final 2 Getting Crowdfunding Campaign, Expands Platforms to PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC

Today Granzella announced the launch date of the crowdfunding campaign to finance its upcoming game R-Type Final 2 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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CrimsonWing69135d ago

I will so pitch in for this!

darthv72135d ago

Seems a bit odd to call it "Final 2"... I'd imagine they will come up with something clever like R-Type Resurrection or something because Final was meant to be the final in the series. you can't have two "Final" games. that's like pluralizing the Lone Ranger (aka Lone Rangers)

Miss_Vixen135d ago

Surely you've heard of Final Fantasy...

Godmars290135d ago

"Final" Fantasy was suppose to represent the biggest adventure of one specific world.

Though that stopped being a thing with FFX-2.

Venox2008135d ago

i am happy that its coming and it wasnt April 1st looks sooo good

Retroman135d ago

I'm glad something different is coming besides open world military, zombie, adventure type games.
R-type final 2 is welcome.
Anything is welcome besides open world military games........ sheesh what a bore.

CrimsonWing69135d ago

Wait, there’s an open world military game? What’s it called?

Retroman135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Really?? Since 2006 you don't know
All you read on here is GOT damn military and zombie fking games.
Call of duty, Battlefield,Killzone, Last of us, Days gone , Death Standing it's always some form of open world shit.
R-TYPE final 2 is welcome.
I'm sooooooooooooo fking bored of open world military games that I don't turn on my PS4 . use my 60gb ps3 more often these days.

CrimsonWing69134d ago

When you said military open world I legit thought you were talking about that... not a first person shooter, or a narrative driven linear game, or a zombie survival open world game...

Retroman134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Ok, first person shooter still open world game, zombie survival open world game,linear open world point is that it is Officially open world. I'm bored of it .
Same Damn format.
I have call of duty and battlefield I don't play those type games anymore. Hack an Slack yes.

Soybetaboy135d ago

Jeebus, every indie game needs crowdfunding and this cg/3d art looks terrible.

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