Softpedia: Dead Space Review

Andrei Dobra, Games editor at Softpedia writes: "The horror survival game genre is a pretty interesting one, with the likes of Resident Evil or Doom becoming the benchmark that other titles need to match. That being said, it's pretty hard for a new game to bring innovation, especially in the very cliché setting of outer space, but the new horror survival shooter from Electronic Arts, Dead Space, manages to offer a very interesting experience.

Part of the game developer's new "quality over quantity" design philosophy, Dead Space, the creation of the EA Redwood Shores studio, manages to get the most out of a pretty dull setting and scenario. If you want to experience the complete package then you really must read the comics and watch the animated movie, both acting like prequels to the action of the game and offering a very unique insight into the whole story of the game."

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