How To: Run Windows Games on Linux

Tired of the lackluster gaming opportunities on your alternative OS? Playing your favorite PC titles in Linux is easier than you think!

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FantasyStar4034d ago

Emulation is never the best way to do this. You're limited to the virtual environment and stresses the PS3 hardware necessarily. Sure you can play old games like Sins of a Solar Empire, but for more modern games....

Nope, you're not getting GeoW1 on PS3 anytime soon.

AuToFiRE4034d ago

what are you talking about? I was playing GeoW and halo on my ps3 last night..

AuToFiRE4034d ago

thank you! bubbles for you

FantasyStar4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

You sure? WINE uses Windows DLL in a Linux-Environment. With that said, I tried running PC games, specifically Gears of War using WINE and it didn't work out so well. But Halo 1 had a much better shot. Are you sure you're not confusing WINE with StreamMyGame? I'm able to stream the game from my PC to PS3 but that was it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm using Ubuntu 7.10. Do I need YDL?

AuToFiRE4034d ago

Yes were sure, WINE actually does stand for Wine Is Not Emulation and im not confusing it with anything

FantasyStar4034d ago

Thanks. I'll give it another go in the mean time. +bubbles.

Viper74034d ago

Wasnt this a PC article?
What is this mumble about PS3 about?

Ps3 linux support is mostly for those who want to increase the media playback, browser etc etc and maybe try exploring the system a bit more. It lacks official drivers for the GPU which doesnt really allow ps3 to run modern pc games.

I am running ubuntu on my computer and I am pretty impressed that wine can run some programs pretty well. But I doubt you can play many modern games with it.

AuToFiRE4034d ago

Actually.. there are no "official" drivers for Linux, its all open source

uie4rhig4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

using linux, unless you have ps3 firmware 2.01 (not sure but its either 2.00, 2.01 or 2.10) you cannot run games that need decent graphics cards coz only the previous mentioned firmware has drivers for the PS3's GPU..

and WINE stands for Windows Is Not an Emulator and as it says its NOT an emulator, but a windows application layer.. basically it can run Windows DLL files inside linux WITHOUT having windows installed.. these DLL files in turn allow you to run windows programs WITHOUT windows installed..

WINE still doesn't support everything, but the support is very VERY big and a lot of programs work on, in fact, CoD4 runs fine on it aside from some random crashes.. and eventho i havent noticed it, some people say it runs at a higher framerate than windows..

i haven't tested GeoW1 so im not commenting on that ..

that being said.. i personally don't use linux for games, coz i use steam more often, and steam lags A LOT in linux.. therefore i have got 3 partitions, one vista, one XP and one Linux ubuntu 8.10 (best distro imo).. i use ubuntu for most of my computer stuff, and use XP and/or Vista (depending on Dx version needed) for games..

you might want to upgrade Ubuntu 8.10, and give it up on gears of war coz it wont work (see )

Linux does have official drivers for somethings, but MOST are unofficial drivers (yet work better than Windows' official drivers..

however i LOVE the new linux kernel, its soo simple installation, and after install, it supports MOST of my hardware, the only thing that i needed to install is GPU drivers (both ATi and nVIDIA have official drivers, or you can use restricted drivers) and the multimedia keys of my laptop didn't work, but there is a fix on ubuntu forums, which i haven't tried yet, but will try it ASAP :)


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AuToFiRE4034d ago

Finally a guide I can show people instead of explaining it to them

dylz4034d ago

well anything u can run on linux u can run on ps3 because ps3 can run liniux so does that mean u can run pc exclusive games on ps3?????????????

AuToFiRE4034d ago

you can run quitea few of them on the ps3, but with RAM limitations and howthe ps3 uses RAM differently than a normal computer limits your choices for gaming on the ps3

vitz34034d ago

You do know that WINE only runs on x86 processors right? Anyone who says they use WINE on PS3 PPC based processors is full of sh*t.

AuToFiRE4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

False, WINE is OPEN SOURCE it means anyone, including you or me could rewrite it to run on powerPC/Cell Architecture whiich people have already done


Yep, Im glad to see Linux so recognized now, its a beautiful thing

vitz34034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

AutoFire wrote:
"False, WINE is OPEN SOURCE it means anyone, including you or me could rewrite it to run on powerPC/Cell Architecture whiich people have already done"

Sigh... A simple google search would have spared you the embarassment. You can run WINE in an "emulator" on PPC. But whats the point? It would be slow as f***.

uie4rhig4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

WINE can be installed on any architecture (i installed it on Ubuntu 64bit, but removed ubuntu 64bit coz wine programs didn't run lol), but WINE is programmed to work with x86 files.. so you wont be able to run anything else than x86.. unless like AuToFiRE side, you can 'rewrite' to work with PPC or w/e other architecture.. but good luck doing that, the WINE team has been developing WINE for more than 15 years now (i think 16, not sure tho) so good luck rewriting it to make it work with PPC processors ;)
even if you succeed for some odd reason, good luck with making your programs work with PPC's and ditto for PS3's Cell (which is 128bit if im correct) (unless it already exists lol)

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paul-p19884034d ago

WINE is actually really good, and i knew about this a while back (still have UT2003 and Jedi Academy running on mine, and it actually works better than windows lol) but at least its pointing it out for people who havent realised it/only just moved to linux :)