Konami: No Plans for MGS4 Expansion

In light of recent rumours that Metal Gear Solid 4 could see an update in December, Konami has told CVG that there are "no plans" to release further expansions for the game.

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Danja4027d ago

Well no major loss for PS3 owners , we got tons of great games to play , MGS4 did it's part during that summer drought..^.^

theEnemy4027d ago


But Kojima won't end the year without a Bang!

milesd64027d ago

I guess this is bad news for some people, but I say it's time to move on. Start another ZOE game and mgs5.

ceedubya94027d ago

ZOE is all we need. Great games, especially the 2nd. I can only imagine the goodness of a ZOE game on PS3/360.

Quickstrike4024d ago

I agree that ZOE would be sweet but it will be a PS3 exclusive >:)

lociefer4027d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.