PlayStation and Xbox are basically the same thing and it took a console with a crank to prove it

From VG247: "Firewatch publisher Panic has announced Playdate, a bright yellow handheld with a tiny black and white screen.

The console looks familiar enough at first glance, if nostalgic for a time of fewer controls – just a d-pad and two buttons on the front, like the Game Boy. But then you notice the… thing on its right-hand side. It’s a crank, the same device you might use to start up an old car, or to adjust the angle of a sail in the wind; a hipster-y addition that signals Playdate as a gently disruptive force in the console sphere."

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Malice-Flare877d ago

oh, VG247. i can safely recommend this be ignored...

Mr Pumblechook877d ago

An entitled ‘journalist’ from VG247 makes a silly comment to signal that he is more informed than the gaming public, but ends up reminding people what an insufferable no-talented bore he is.

Nyxus877d ago

They're game consoles, what are they supposed to do? Make coffee?

Knightofelemia877d ago

The coffee maker option comes out with the PS5 pro standard PS5's have the slap chop built in

877d ago
Tross877d ago

Well, next gen consoles had better make me iced caps in the summertime. That's one feature I'm missing from the current coffee-making consoles. I look forward to the improved bean-capacity that next-gen consoles will have. I also think my PS4 sounds a tad too robotic when she serves me my coffee, and her apron doesn't really accent her ebony exterior all that well. Ok...this is silly and I'll stop. This article is just as silly, mind you.

877d ago
Profchaos876d ago

My PS pro can fry an egg if you leave rdr2 online paused on the map

SyntheticForm876d ago

Honestly, if it could match my Keurig that would be great.

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gangsta_red877d ago

Well the jokes on them because the next Xbox and PS5 will have a pulley

OnlyThoseOnTheFence877d ago

I heard PS6 will have rack & pinion

Sgt_Slaughter877d ago

"a hipster-y addition that signals Playdate as a gently disruptive force in the console sphere"

Did anyone at VG247 proofread this article for common sense?

rainslacker877d ago

Hush, we've been disrupted. Although I hadn't even heard of this thing until about a week ago when that one article popped up on N4G.

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The story is too old to be commented.