Death Stranding Explained in Greater Detail

Kojima Studios finally released an 8-minute trailer for their first game, Death Stranding. As the trailer is full of odd and unique story elements, we at Gaming Instincts will show you everything that you need to know in regards to Kojima's latest upcoming acid trip.

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Gonna be a beautiful game, no doubt about it. But gameplay wise....I dont know.

Varodor685d ago

"But gameplay wise....I dont know."
What do you mean by that?

smolinsk685d ago

Because the gameplay looks clumsy and non interesting and boring, just like red dead redemption 2

DaGR8JIBRALTAR685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

I'm not sold on the weird ass story and gameplay mechanics. The game just doesn't look fun to me.

Varodor684d ago

I love when studios try new things and do not reproduce old mechanics and plots

gerbintosh685d ago

If you have seen the trailer then you have read the article. Nothing new here