GOG has just kicked-off their Summer sale festival 2019 campaign

DRM-free games take the center stage during the newly launched Summer Sale Festival on GOG.COM with game collections, flash deals, and discounts up to -90% (a free copy of "Obduction" is available via GOG's home page).

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Snookies12543d ago

Thanks for the heads up! I've really been wanting to try Obduction! That's awesome they're giving it away for free.

TGG_overlord543d ago

You are most welcome =) Oh yes, it's a great game, so very much so ;) (enjoy!).

goodwin542d ago

There are a few flash deal at the moment, gonna end soon:
CHUCHEL Cherry Edition
Shadows: Awakening
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

TGG_overlord542d ago

That's some really good games right there :3

MWH542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

and recently they added Bioshock Infinite to their DRM free library. very nice.