Death Stranding's Theme of Reconnecting Is a Lot Like MGSV's Secret Nuke Free Ending

Author writes: Kojima Productions has just dropped the latest trailer for Death Stranding, and we can't help but draw a few comparisons to Metal Gear Solid V.

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Xaphy48d ago

The trailer reminded me a lot of metal gear solid V. No doubt there was of similarities even the gameplay is identical.

NecrumOddBoy48d ago

It definitely feels like a lot of things Kojima didn't get to complete went into this game, but again, there is so much to unpack, it's beyond words.

SyntheticForm48d ago

It seems to share MGSV's style somewhat, but I really hope that's all it shares.

Veneno48d ago

I couldn't make myself play all the way through that dull game. Was that part good?

shiva148d ago

Is this game coming to xbox one?

If not who approved this article under xbox one.