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Phil Spencer writes: "We believe the player should be at the center of their gaming experience and be able to harness the unique benefits of the devices they choose to play on. Nowhere is that belief more important than on the PC. As the creators of Windows, we have a unique responsibility to ensure we’re investing in experiences that benefit players everywhere, while respecting the PC community’s preference for an open, highly customizable platform. We’ve not always lived up to our aspiration of keeping gamers at the center of everything we do when it comes to the experience they’ve had on Windows."

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Obscure_Observer686d ago (Edited 686d ago )


You can tank Phil Spencer for making the PC gamer's life better!

This is BIG! I though Xbox Game Pass for Windows PC would be announced at E3!

One can only wonder what surprises Phil Spencer has under his sleeve. O.o

WombBat686d ago

Yup, I knew it was coming. As I said, this next generation is the last Xbox console, either by choice (theyre going all digital, online platform) or by failure ( they don't sell enough consoles).

It's great for accessibility but for Xbox gamers, it means they will have no dog in the race anymore.

The 10th Rider686d ago


That's ridiculous. The Xbox One is no runaway success, but it's seeing a decent amount of sales and there's no telling what could happen next gen.

Nintendo went from like 100M with the Wii to like 14M with the Wii U. Don't went from like 150M with the PS2 to like 85M with the PS3. Both have made some fantastic gains since then. Microsoft going from 85M with the 360 to 45M or so lifetime by the end of the Xbox One's life is hardly a death sentence. The console market can shift easily and with streaming entering the scene things will be even more unpredictable going into next gen.

This is nothing more than a Microsoft wanting to sell their games to a larger audience. Sony is allowing Quantic Dreams to put their games in PC and some rumors have mentioned Death Stranding may hit PC. Does that mean Sony is exiting the console market?

ABizzel1686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

I’m so confused by this, because I’ve been using game pass on PC for months, and if I remember correctly it’s been up for nearly a year now.

The only news here is that they’re going to be around 100 games rather than the current 30 games they have now.

Maybe this is new to Europe, but this is how I’ve been playing Forza, Gears, etc... on PC for months now.

blanka4545686d ago

Thank you mean @Obscure_Observer. Awesomeness buy what you want where you want and how you want! Can't wait to see on steam how many people are playing gears 5 and stuff and halo too. Stupid ms stores can't track stats! Horizon dawn the latest one should be on steam too!

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pwnmaster3000686d ago

This is good news, makes me wonder what else they got to announce for E3.

ABizzel1686d ago

This has been available for months now. I don’t know how this is news unless it’s new to Europe.

I’ve been using game pass to play Forza and Gears on PC for a while now.

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gravedigger686d ago

So, buy a 1 month sub. for few $ and no XBL sub. on PC to play online. What a steal!! Why buy an Xbox console then.

gam3r_4_lif3686d ago

Well you have to have a PC capable of running the games well and PC's need more maintaince

gravedigger686d ago

Yeah, but it's cheaper in long term - because no online sub requirement.

For 500$ you can buy a decent budget PC

Just the desktop CPU is already a big gain

Automatic79686d ago

No offense to PC gamers, but spending a thousand dollars on a PC is one reason why I prefer gaming consoles.

gravedigger686d ago


Thousands of dollars.... LOL

What an exaggeration. I'd gave a link with 500$ budget PC. Like i said. Already a desktop PC is a huge gain over shitty Jaguar

Razzer686d ago (Edited 686d ago )


"spending a thousand dollars on a PC is one reason why I prefer gaming consoles." bought Xbox One at launch and Xbox One X. You spent a thousand dollars on consoles in the matter of four years.

You need to come up with a better story. No offense. lol

Kiwi66686d ago

"Why buy an Xbox console then." maybe because some people don't want to play on a PC

Lennoxb63686d ago

Well for one, the X1X runs better than the majority of PCs out there now.

Zeegamereh685d ago

Because some of us don’t want to play on a desk and pay a crazy price to build a pc and then having to spend more to upgrade that pc just to deal with online cheaters and viruses and now y’all pc gamers have to use multiple stores to buy the games you want no thanks also pc still doesn’t have games like RDR2 😂

M&k for gaming ?Eww

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Teflon02686d ago

I just need them to release Rare Replay on Steam. All I want is Conker and Banjo. Well... Kameo too. I liked that game on 360 as well

Xavi4K686d ago

@wombbat... calma my friend Xbox is here to stay you guys claimed that Xbox brand is dead and guess what there is nothing but increase in profit YoY... do you think microsoft will gave up on something that generates profit for the company??

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Vasto686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

So the only question I have is if you sub to Game Pass do you get the service on both PC and Xbox?

Razzer686d ago

Doesn’t sound like it, but I imagine we will find out at E3.

“As with the Xbox One version of Xbox Game Pass (the two are named the same, but will remain separate),”

CaptainCook686d ago

Obviously, since you can already play Xbox Game Pass games on Windows 10 via Play Anywhere titles

Razzer686d ago

Which means nothing to games that are not Play Anywhere. The PC version of Game Pass is getting a different selection of games than the Xbox version.

Father__Merrin686d ago

No they are difference services

Eonjay686d ago

According to the article:

"As with the Xbox One version of Xbox Game Pass (the two are named the same, but will remain separate)"

So probably not. This has to do with the entire catalog not being patched for PC play. I'm thinking this has to do with the 360 games. You see they highlight devs who are 'supporting' this on PC.

Profchaos686d ago

I've been using game pass on my PC for a few months now to play some exclusives so hopefully they expand it further

Ceaser9857361686d ago

So the only question I have is if you sub to Game Pass do you get the service on both PC and Xbox?

Well yes like buying a Xbox exclusives on xbox will allow you to play the game on PC as well so i assume it will be the same for game pass

shiva1686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Subsription is by account and not platform when it comes to Xbox if im not wrong. Xbox as a service.... Thats fulfilled.

All playanywhere games are available. I doubt non-play anywhere games would be available in the beginning. May be in future

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Obscure_Observer686d ago (Edited 686d ago )


Phil Spencer Industry Person of the Year 2019

slate91686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

He's been killing it for a few years now. He knew the different direction xbox and ms gaming needed and has been on course since his promotion. The continuous work behind the scenes is coming to light finally. All while getting his named dragged through the mud online. All good though.

Xavi4K686d ago

@sushima... s/ yourself buddy...since phil got in control he managed to growth YoY sales for the xbox division and thats a fact not a fanboy opinion.

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crazyCoconuts686d ago

Gotta say the company has made more "pro gamer" choices lately, and weirdly not acting like the Microsoft I've known. Opeining up exclusives across stores, even across platforms... What's not to like?

obidanshinobi686d ago

... the death of the Xbox brand.

slate91686d ago

Imo thats a short sighted way of seeing things. The brand is reaching millions of more people lol. But we've all had this convo 100 times before.

gam3r_4_lif3686d ago

I guess you have not heard, but MS are releasing 2 new consoles one of which will be the most powerful console on the market next gen. Also MS said they would like to give gamers the choice to play their games where and when it suits them. Not sure why that is so hard for you to understand, do you find most aspects of life difficult. Maybe do the gene pool a favour and avoid breeding.

starchild686d ago

Giving people more choices is a good thing and doesn't in any way mean the death of the brand. It actually gives the brand the possibility to flourish even more.



What is the next xbox using for gpu? Unless you know the specs of the next xbox and playstation you have no idea if it will be more powerful. Xbox fans said the same thing before ps4 and xbox one specs were known and you got the xbox 720p

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Ricegum686d ago

Fantastic news for people who don't have an Xbox like myself.

686d ago
gangsta_red686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Glad to see you excited to subscribe to the Xbox service.

MS hit a home run by offering this to everyone.

Ricegum686d ago

That's true. Looking forward to checking out Halo: Infinite and MCC on Steam, it'll play amazingly on PC for sure.

sushimama686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

That's a joke coming from you. This isn't a 'home run'. Why didn't they just put all their games on the PC since the start of the Gen? They had no other choice but to do this. This is Plan C. It's funny. I wonder how well Xbox consoles will sell from the start of Next-Gen. hmmm
Sony could make even more money if they put all their games on PC, so why don't they?

gangsta_red686d ago

"That's a joke coming from you."

I bet you have even funnier ones to tell me.

"Why didn't they just put all their games on the PC since the start of the Gen?"

Lmao, you did not disappoint. Maybe because this wasn't MS's focus in the beginning and now that they've taken the time to invest in Win 10 this is the time to start promoting thier OS with their games.

Or do you think these engineers and developers have magical pixie dust that makes everything happen on the first day?

"It's funny"
It sure is!! Har, har, har

"I wonder how well Xbox consoles will sell from the start of Next-Gen."

I wonder too, especially now that they have services and subscriptions that make them more money than a one time console sale. I wonder what MS is interested in more, I wonder if I even care? hmmmmm..mmmm

"Sony could make even more money if they put all their games on PC, so why don't they?"

Maybe because Sony doesn't have their own operating system on a PC platform that they could push their games on to attract customers that would ultimately benefit them, how's that as an idea king schleprock?

If you notice both MS and Sony push their services on to platforms and formats that they either back or promote (blue-ray, Xperia for example).

And besides, a lot of their games are coming to PC thanks to their new found interest in streaming with PSnow.

You'll need a PC first, but I'm still glad to see you excited for those Microsoft games.

TacoTaco686d ago

Stop being a bitter little queen, sushimama. This isn't an article about Sony; it's an article about Xbox expanding its reach (which is objectively beneficial to every gamer, regardless of your personal device-specific gaming preferences).

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pwnmaster3000686d ago

Thanks god, I really don’t see myself getting an Xbox this late in the game, but now I don’t have to. Once E3 ends, hopefully MS announce some end of the gen type games that makes getting game pass over other services.

Zeegamereh686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Halo infinite hasn’t been confirm for steam but I hope they do put it on there that would be so huge millions of new fans I’ll be playing on Xbox so I hope it’s cross play

Also I replied to this comment because I couldn’t reply to your Halo comment

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