Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for PS4 Reveals More Characters With New Gameplay and Trailer

Today Nihon Falcom provided an update on its upcoming JRPG Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for PS4 with more artwork, details, and videos.

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Snookies12551d ago

Flying? Grappling? They're definitely trying some new things here, and I'm all for it! Love the Ys series, so this is a day one buy.

blackblades551d ago

Yeah probably because the vita isn't holding it back.

Teflon02551d ago

To be honest, only thing holding it back is the developers inability to actually progress it until now. It's not a excuse when the Vita can do near PS3 level games.

rainslacker551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Nothing I saw in this trailer couldn't be done on the Vita except maybe the graphics level. So, not sure what you're talking about, especially since only one of the recent remasters was actually made with the Vita in mind.

The game series has always had simple to play mechanics. Nothing fancy. They grew over time, but the game was always easy to pick up and play without a huge learning curve on all these different game mechanics which I feel often weigh games down.

It's what I love most about the series, and I hope they stay true to that while adding these new things. I'm all for the series growing. It's my favorite series of all time...all the way back to the first where you just run into the monsters a bit off center. I loved this series before most people in the west even had heard of it because of it's release on the PC-Engine, and being overshadowed by other games on SNES. So, while I liked what I saw in this trailer, never have I felt that the game has been held back by anything.

Blastoise551d ago

Looks very cool. No reason to believe this will be anything less than great