Gaming Age Review: Rock University Presents: The Naked Brothers Band

Gaming Age writes: "Going into this I had zero clue as to who the Naked Brothers Band actually was, I was a bit under the impression that it was like a show for the Jonas Brothers or something along those lines, but obviously I was pretty wrong. Take it from me kids, it doesn't take long before you're that old guy who doesn't even know what's popular anymore.

From what I could understand based on the game, Naked Brothers Band is a TV show from Nickelodeon, featuring a variety of mid-teen musicians. There were six playable in the entire game, five on instruments and one vocalist. The game itself is designed to a music rhythm game in the same vein as popular titles like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. However, the license here is only for the music of the band featured, so if you're not into their music, I can tell you right now that this game isn't going to be for you."

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