New White Knight trailer out tonight

PSB writes:

A 'new' White Knight Chronicles trailer will be out tonight. The trailer can be accessed from an unspecified website mentioned on the press pass from the Level 5 Tokyo Game Show conference.

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Skyreno4029d ago

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope IS NEW ^^ oh maybe released date for US ...i doubt it but hoping

BigMassacre4028d ago

Another great name on this site. Keep it up! Good times for all.

Harry1904028d ago

I appreciate the creativity too.

Flopsofthesamefeathersflock together is nice too.

aaron234029d ago

The biggest rpg of 2008 will be mine in December

baum4028d ago

Yeah, if you speak japanese and can import to Europe in such busy times.

Yes, I know who you are.

Danja4028d ago

I dont get it , Aaron aka Nasim makes so many duplicate accounts yet still he manages to get them all down to one bubble faster than most 360 trolls with one account...?

i_like_ff74029d ago

Too busy watching US election :P

OBAMA 08!!!

aaron234029d ago

McFail and SARAH THE DONKEY PALIN are finished as we speak


i_like_ff74028d ago

HE WON!!!! WOOOT!!!!! F*CK YEA!!!

spectyre4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

but I've never seen it before. Pretty f'in badass if you ask me.

"There is no charge for awsomeness... or attractiveness."
(Kung Fu Panda)

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