10 years of inFamous – is there still hope for a sequel?

Impossible, you may be thinking. How has it been a decade since inFamous first sent shocks throughout the PlayStation fandom? You may also be wondering when we might see the next game in this spunky, superhero franchise.

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FallenAngel1984874d ago

Idk if Sucker Punch is big enough to handle two AAA franchises at a time. They’ve always handled one project at a time

ArchangelMike873d ago

I hope we get another infamous game next gen. One of my favourite franchises and iirc was my first platinum trophy.

SyntheticForm873d ago

Infamous on PS5 could be fantastic. I'd want it to be more like the first two though. More comic-bookish. I liked Second Son well enough but I favor Infamous 2.

ArchangelMike873d ago

Definately, the first infamous I think is my favourite, it was the old school rugged art style that I loved. The sequels got a bit too clean and polished as they went along, and were alot less gritty.

Movefasta1993873d ago

Not a big fan of the third game, but infamous 2 was one of the best games of last gen easily. Bring back Cole as the villain.

SyntheticForm873d ago

Yeah, 2 was a blast literally and figuratively. Infamous Second Son seemed more like a tech demo, and it just wasn't as fun. I loved Seattle because I love Seattle in general, but it felt a little lifeless.

I want to throw everything again. I want to throw cars again; just let me throw cars. Cole coming back would be great too.

Araragifeels 873d ago

I considered Second Son as a spin off rather than a sequel. I would rather have Delsin as a villain or rather as the new beast who can copy every conduit powers.

TekoIie873d ago

They already did have Cole as the villain, lol.

ILostMyMind873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

He was a vampire but not a villain. Maybe a anti-hero.

TekoIie873d ago


He was the villain of the first game....

rynodigital873d ago

I'd settle for an HD re-make of Infamous 2. The UGC was a welcomed feature and a blast to play (no pun intended)

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chris235873d ago

i hope not. the second one was so boring and unnecessary.

Psychotica873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Not boring at all. I completed it multiple times which is something I almost never do..

SyntheticForm873d ago

I wouldn't mind at all. I've always enjoyed Infamous.

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The story is too old to be commented.