The Strongest Female Video Game Characters

GameSpew: Some say there aren't enough female characters in games. We say quality is better than quantity. Check out our list of the strongest women in video games.

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Hardiman47d ago

Aloy is my favorite new character this gen and as it happens she's female. She has great writing and I love her determination and how no one will stop her from discovering the truth! I also love Ellie from TLOU, in particular the Left Behind DLC. That and the part of the core game it's connected to really flesh her out as a character.

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AK9147d ago

Ugh another site that does multi page articles.

TricksterArrow47d ago

Kara from Detroit, Aloy from HZD, Chloe (and/or Elena) from Uncharted, Amicia from Plague Tale, Amanda from Alien and Claire from Resident Evil 2 Remake, are some of the new-ish heroines I really dig. They aren't forced and just happen to be female. I kinda like Mary Jane from Spider-Man as well, specially when she opens up her flaws to Peter by the end (basically, she admits being a try-hard and that she should accept help and her limitations, kinda subverts the "I don't need no man" stuff that some female characters go overboard with nowadays).

I'm probably missing a few, but these stand out to me recently.

Yi-Long47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I absolutely hated MJ in Spider-Man, and her segments weren't very interesting/fun to play ...

One of the reasons I disliked her, is probably because they basically reinvented her whole character, compared to the MJ I grew up with in the comics.

TricksterArrow47d ago

I was pretty much despising her until she opened up that she was only acting and doing everything she was doing because she felt she was losing herself by relying on Peter so much in the past, so I can understand people that simply hate this iteration of her character, since I was mostly on this bandwagon until the very end. (:

Hardiman46d ago

Comic fan since 86 and I loved the characterizations in Spider-Man. In fact that is my favorite take on those characters. To each their own!

TomatoDragon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I’m gonna go with Kat from Gravity Rush games. She’s just a fun character, has kick ass powers, and is also kind of a clutz. Reminds me of Peter Parker a bit. Trying to scrape together money for a snack, hell, she lives in a giant pipe under a floating city lol. I love her.

KryptonKronos47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

First thought, Sniper Wolf. Second thought, The Boss. Third thought, this agenda is getting old. And to be honest i quite like Chloe Frazer, mainly because her voice actor Claudia Black is just an all round bad ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.