Gamespot: Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Review

Even if you were a particularly lucky child, you were probably stuck with just a handful of games to play each year growing up. Regardless of their quality, you sucked the games dry in order to drain as much entertainment from them as possible until the next gift-giving holiday rolled around and it was time for a new one to gnaw on. Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals is a good modern example of this, as its meaty content will keep younger players more than busy with plenty to do before (and after) the credits roll. But the end result is a tragically generic action RPG, and the potential of Spectrobes: BTP's sci-fi setting and variety of gameplay options is completely wasted on repetitious, bland objectives, complicated menus and inventory management, and crummy combat.

The Good:
* Tons of content
* Disney D Gamer integration is good for younger players.

The Bad:
* Atrocious camera
* Rudimentary by-the-book story and dialogue
* Walking everywhere is boring
* Too much restarting and grinding
* Needlessly complex menus.

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