'Persona 4' Must Release On December 9 Or Receive The 'Kiss Of Death' From Retail

MTV Multiplayer:"Atlus has a hardcore following that snaps up all of their games. They are not a Square Enix, but Atlus knows that and caters to their fans.

While checking out a demo for 'Persona 4' last week, I noticed it was shipping on December 9, a date before Christmas but after the Thanksgiving sales rush.

I wondered whether a release date matters for a game like 'Persona.' Why not just wait until January or February, when people might have gift cards, etc.?"

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JonahFalcon4031d ago

I don't agree with that statement by MTV.

TheUsedVersion4030d ago

If you are referring to the "kiss of death" statement and I assume that you are, then you are incorrect because Atlus is the one who actually made that statement, not MTV Multiplayer.

Raoh4031d ago

i love persona 3: FES

i dont understand why sony didnt push for this game to be released on ps3 instead of ps2...

it has a loyal following..

meepmoopmeep4031d ago

i think it's ultimately up to the devs, not really sony.
i guess 5 will be on this gen, but damn, yeah, would have been sweet for this to be made for this gen

Danja4031d ago

Atlus make the best choice by releasing this game on the PS2 it's got a bigger userbase worldwide , and it's cheaper to develop for which meakes it easier for them make a profit.

I still play my PS2 occassionally even though I have a PS3 , so bring on Persona 4...besides it's cheaper to buy as a PS2 game.

Homicide4031d ago

Danja is correct. 120+ million PS2s >> 20 million PS3.

Still, this game is gonna be awesome. P3:FES was an incredible JRPG.

PikkonX4031d ago

35 days until my personal GOTY 2008.

KingItachi4031d ago

The wait is killing me need P4 now!!!!

Seraphim4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I don't think it matters.... any RPGamer is going to snap this game up regardless of whether or not it releases in December or Feb-July of 2009. Persona is a flagship series from Atlus and any RPG fan can appreciate these games.......

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