Death Stranding Pre-Orders Going Live Shortly as Leaked by PlayStation Store

The pre-orders for Death Stranding should go live very soon as leaked earlier today by a promotional image on the PlayStation Store.

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UltraNova841d ago

DS is coming 2019 or early 2020 with a re-release on ps5, mark my words.

Nyxus841d ago

November 8 2019 is the rumored release date.

Alexious841d ago

There's backward compatibility with PS5, though, which makes a re-release tougher to pull off.

UltraNova841d ago

I meant it will be patched for ps5. If the games receives dlc then a GotY edition for ps5 with everything, including upgraded performance etc would stil count as a "re-release" no?

tar_tar07841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Traded in PS4 after Spider-Man & god of war. Glad I’ll have some great games waiting on me when I purchase my new ps5

xX-oldboy-Xx841d ago

tar_tar07 - Traded in for what?

gam3r_4_lif3841d ago

@old boy the most powerful console on the market perhaps

gam3r_4_lif3841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

@Ultra if they do release it this gen then you can bet your ass they will release a 4K 60 next gen version with probably more content.

The question is if its really good do you play the inferior version first. Its a tough call. When it comes to movies if I miss a movie in the theatre that I am interested in rather that watch a crappy version i wait for the blu-ray or these days preferably the ultra hd version.

UltraNova841d ago


Agreed but I will not wait to play this game not now that I can finally get to see what Kojima has created while fully unleashed.

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gam3r_4_lif3841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Is there anypoint buying any more PS4 games this gen. I played TLOUS at the end of the PS3 era and they released a better version for PS4 shortly after which I also played. Does anyone really believe they wont double dip on this.

If the game actually turns out to be good, with HK's recent track record that is far from a sure bet but if its good I will just wait on the PS5 version.

Forn841d ago

There won't be remasters anymore. PS4 games will be BC with PS5 with automatic enhancements.

gam3r_4_lif3840d ago

At Forn, I really hope that is true. I hope all my PS4 games will benefit from the power of the PS5, at the least better load times and frame rates but it would be nice if they released texture packs at least for the likes of god of war

gam3r_4_lif3840d ago

@Ultra well lets hope it was Konami's fault that MGS4 was terrible and 5 lacked most of the stuff I come to MGS for.

The new trailer does lool like it delivers on an interesting story and the aesthetic does look cool. The combat seemed a bit clunky but we shall see. I probably wont wait either if its good. Maybe they will release a patch for PS5

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ReVibe841d ago

The pre-order bonus is stuff you can unlock via gameplay...
I miss unlocking stuff. No pre-order for me! :)

OnlyThoseOnTheFence841d ago

Gold plated baseball cap...We are at a serious low-point with pre-order bonuses

xX-oldboy-Xx841d ago

It's part of a set - at least go that far when slinging mud. But I get what your saying.

phoenixwing841d ago

knowing kojima the gold in the cap will be important story wise

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