Crossplay Needs to Become Standard in All Multiplayer Games

Crossplay is one of gaming's newer buzz words that only distinguish a smattering of online titles from the rest, but it's time for full-platform crossplay to become the standard rather than the exception. Online play lives and dies based on active player counts, and it's foolish for publishers and developers to continue hamstringing their own games' longevity and player experience based on platform in the modern gaming landscape.

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PhoenixUp692d ago

“Crossplay is one of gaming's newer buzz words”

Even though it’s been around since 1999 with Quake 3?

Obscure_Observer692d ago

Crossplay is now more relevant than ever. To some people at least.

Rimeskeem692d ago

To those in the losing position

UltraNova691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

I would argue that with the power and controls(keypad vs M&K) disparity between consoles their mid-cycle upgrades and PC not to mention next gen is almost here and everything will be backwards compatible, Cross play is totally irrelevant now more than ever.

Imagine a AAA dev today and going forward considering making their game cross play ready. They will have to find ta way to create an online performance standard for ps4, xbox1, ps4 Pro, xbox1 X, switch, switch Pro, ps5, xbo2 and PC. Well good luck with that. They could start by providing CP with select platforms, but that would lead to an uproar from other, left out, platform owners... Its a vicious cycle.

PS: Then, you now have your xclouds and Stadias and whoever else decides to join the party...and good luck offering a solid online experience on cloud streaming platforms, let alone CP on them.

691d ago
UltraNova691d ago (Edited 691d ago )


So? No one said its not possible. But go ahead, play agains PC players while on console.

NonPartisanGamer691d ago

I own a PS4 and want crossplay with Xbone. What are you talking about?

Razzer691d ago

"Crossplay is now more relevant than ever. To some people at least."

Not you. Don't even pretend. Cross play was only relevant to you to the extent that you could brag that MS made Sony do its bidding. That was a utter lie, but that didn't stop you from yapping constantly how Phil Spencer forced Sony to allow cross play while pretending it wasn't about Fortnite all along. Unfortunately you are not alone. Cross play is about bragging rights. it is another scoreboard in the console war.

Varodor691d ago

I own a Xbone for 50 years and don't want crossplay

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2pacalypsenow692d ago

Crossplay has been an afterthought up until last year when all of a sudden everyone wanted it.

Kribwalker691d ago

Well back in 2016, MS gave an open invite to all platforms for crossplay

And then a week later the rocket league devs said they wanted it crossplay

Then in 2017, the switch and xbox announced that Rocket league on the switch and xbox would be cross platform

Also in 2017 Minecraft was announced as crossplay between the Xbox, Switch, PC, Mobile and Tablet, the biggest selling game of all time

then there’s the whole Fortnite crossplay with switch that finally forced sony to play nice with MS and Nintendo in 2018

Not to mention when both sony and MS did PC crossplay even before these big crossplay developements i posted.

Seems like it’s been more then just this last year

DarXyde691d ago

Kribwalker conveniently forgets that, when Sony wanted it YEARS ago between PS3 and Xbox 360, Microsoft didn't. Now when Microsoft wants it, the industry makes it a priority?

I didn't care then, I don't care now. But the critics need to be consistent. It's embarrassing watching people suddenly care about this.

Kribwalker691d ago


I’ve cared about it since the first day i put my PS2 online and wanted to play my buddy on his xbox a game of madden. There was a point before the PS3 that had crossplay between the PS2 Xbox 360 and PC (final fantasy 11), so it’s not like it was impossible.

By the way, can you provide me with a link stating from sony that they asked MS for crossplay? Because people always say sony did, but i’ve never seen it.

pwnmaster3000691d ago (Edited 691d ago )


I honestly don’t know how hard you were looking. Found this in seconds lol.

Also dc online, where I was playing with people on the PC also final fantasy online where I was also playing with people on the PC for ps4.

Razzer691d ago


Sony never pushed for cross play and the article in that link is no different. MS rejected the idea but the idea wasn't coming from a push from Sony.

Realms691d ago

This is funny AF nobody cared about cross play or backwards compatibility until Sony said no or didn't offer it making it a talking point for MS fanboys. Sony has been doing cross play for years with PC and some Nintendo games but Sony had the audacity to say no to MS and all of a sudden it's a big deal. BC wasn't a big deal until this generation when Sony didn't offer it and all of a sudden it's a must have feature?

You xbox fanboys are so transparent your arguments are easily disputed because they usually have zero substance.

Kribwalker691d ago


“ I checked with Sony's public relations team, but they didn't come up with an official statement yet about how their company feels about the possibility of cross-console gaming.”

where does it say Sony asked MS? It seems like they didn’t have an answer, or a policy, about online crossplay.

I’ll ask again, show me where Sony asked for crossplay last gen.

BC was a big deal the previous 2 gens when sony offered it, keeps being played up as a big deal for the PS5

It only hasn’t been a big deal to some this gen when sony hasnt offered it, with Shawn Layton asking who would play old games, now pulling a 180 and talking about how important BC is. Why would they release a classic console if people didn’t want to play old games? Why would we have so many remasters, if people didn’t want to play old games? What is the point of PSNow if people didn’t want to play old games?

darthv72691d ago

@darxyde. sony NEVER said they wanted crossplay. they actually said it would be up to the indivisual devs/pubs if they wanted to do that. So while they never explicitly said yes, they never really said no either. MS, on the other hand, did say NO initially and that was due to the people in charge at the time. Balmer hated sony with a passion and wanted nothing to do with them. Now that somebody new is in charge, who does not hold that same sentiment, it seems the doors for crossplay are open. And NOW sony is saying... "bu bu the children" (that is an exaggeration but still somewhat true).

sony and Ms and Nintendo all can sit down and discuss it like respectful companies while the fans argue about if it should be done or not. honestly if they do it, it's not because of the fans arguing... it will be done because of the $$ to be made. And since these companies are about $$ then it is more than likely going to be a regular feature come next gen.

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PhoenixUp691d ago

Yeah it’s more relevant now but a new buzz word?

_SilverHawk_692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

No. People who beg for crossplay normally play on unpopular gaming systems because userbase is normally low. The ps4 ended the lifecycle of the Wii u and destroyed xbox one so the fans of xbox and Nintendo wants crossplay. Children and peds mostly play on Nintendo products like the switch so adult gamers shouldn't be playing with them

Atom666692d ago

Fans of money and common sense want it too. Why should we pay for multiple versions of a game in order to play with people already playing the exact same game?

It's great that you want to ensure that corporations like Sony, MS, and Valve each get their 30% cut, but I really don't give a shit. I'd rather save money and be able to play 3rd party multplats with everyone else. Not just my select group of console owners.

The only ones against it are fanboys who need reassurance of their purchase. PS4 is great, it's why I bought two this gen. I didn't get an award for it, and it certainly doesn't make me an advocate for an archaic standard that only benefits corporations.

TheGamez100692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

Im on pc and ps4 and Im begging for crossplay. My buddies cant afford a pc so crossplay would be great. I want to be able to play at high framerates and gfx so I prefer pc. I really dont get the hate on crossplay on this site lol. If done right like fortnite, crossplay should be more common next gen.

691d ago
King_Noctis692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

There are so many things wrong in your comment that I don’t know where to start with. If it doesn’t scream “I’m just a big Sony fanboy!!!” then I don’t know what is.

_SilverHawk_691d ago (Edited 691d ago )


I have almost all consoles going back from decades ago and a high end PC and I think crossplay is silly. I know some people cant afford more than one or two consoles so they need to be able to play with friends who cant afford to buy gaming systems they own so crossplay would be good for them. It's silly for people to want crossplay on PC and consoles because keyboard and mouse is superior to controllers. Console to console would be better but playing cross platform from ps4 to something like the switch isn't even a good deal either because the switch is so inferior and performs a lot worse than ps4 in most situations.

People begging for crossplay are people who plays on unpopular consoles that not a lot of people play on. I mostly game on PC and I dont get great pleasure playing with people on my team who are using controllers and I dont want to play against people using controllers either. I know some console gamers want to play PC games using controllers which is ok but keyboard and mouse is so much better especially for fps. When I'm on PC I want to play against PC gamers online and when I'm on ps4 I want to play against people with playstation. Nintendo gamers should play against Nintendo gamers online since it would be children.

Doge691d ago

Bro you don’t even have a PC-Engine in that picture. Get your fake gamer ass outta here Jaguar lmao

milohighclub691d ago

Mouse and keys is point and click.

Kribwalker691d ago

I remember that picture. who was it that always posted it but the ipad image said “N4G Salt”

SinkingSage691d ago

I just want to play with my friends dawg.

l3w1s691d ago

I play mainly on PS4. I want crossplay to play with my friends on PC and/or Switch. Fuck you and get off your high horse.

solideagle691d ago

that is not true. My friends are PC players and I play on PS4. we want to play games together like Monster Hunter World, borderlands etc
it would be cool if crossplay is standard next gen between consoles and PC.

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Tazzy692d ago

Honestly I wouldn't want to play a PC gamer online you'd get assaulted with kills PC gamers are really good I've seen them in action online no thanks.

ArchangelMike692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

Yup, but it's usually because a mouse and keyboard setup is much more precise and responsive than controllers.

Tazzy692d ago

Indeed they have everything they want right at their fingertips no pun intended they can set mouse speeds where a controller won't even come close with speed even with mouse and keyboard support on console.

milohighclub691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

Because its point and click.

kneon691d ago

Well a mouse is more precise than a controller, but a keyboard is ergonomically inferior to a controller.

TheGamez100692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

For pve, that would be welcome. However for pvp, it should be done like in fortnite where its more fair. Consoles play with consoles unless u have someone thats on pc in your party then youll play in crossplay servers. I dont think theres ever been a game thats idiotic enough to do crossplay like what youre saying lol. Of course itd be unfair controller vs m&k and higher framerate.

Lennoxb63692d ago

PC Gears of War players still get slaughtered by console players all the time.

Giblet_Head691d ago

Played Gears 2 & 3 religiously on 360. I play Gears 4 with a controller on my PC. Been turning console players into shotgun paste just the same.

ApocalypseShadow692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

If a developer likes one platform over the others or can't afford multiple ports of their games, then no. It won't be standard in all games. It can't be forced.

That's like expecting 60fps in all games or the highest resolution in all games. Demanding entitlement is so old. Developers decide what they want to make, how they make it and where to put it.

aconnellan691d ago

What’s wrong with crossplay? I can only see benefits

sushimama691d ago

Journalists are pushing this narrative because they've got nothing else to report on. It's all fake interest in something no one really cares about or wants.

aconnellan691d ago


Appreciate the response but that didn’t really answer my question. To say that no one cares about or wants it is a gross generalisation - I can find just as many comments from people who do want it as I can from people who don’t.

My question was “what’s wrong with crossplay?”

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