Spector on Disney: "we should have owned games, and we didn't"

GR Writes: "Warren Spector was at Nordic Game last week and there he talked about narrative in games. After the talk, we spoke to the game developer about the things he spoke about, System Shock 3, and, having worked for Disney, he also had some interesting things to say regarding the past and the potential future of Disney in the video game space."

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TekoIie973d ago

it is kind off incredible when you think about it. The entertainment behemoth Disney effectively has zero presence in video games outside of mobile. I know there Star Wars and things like Marvels Spider Man but those would not exist if a 3rd party hadn't pushed Disney for the license.

harmny973d ago

Eventually Disney will turn its head towards the gaming industry. And they'll buy some giant studio like rockstar and they'll release GTA pga 13

Flewid638973d ago

Warner Bros has done a fantastic job in the video game space. No reason why Disney can't do the same.

AK91973d ago

Eh that's debatable while the games made by developers that are owned by WB are of high quality they have alot of forced in microtransactions that honestly ruin them.

Flewid638972d ago

No one's ever forced me to buy microtransactions so I can't say my experience is the same. Injustices, Mortal Kombats, Mordors, Max Payne and all 4 Batmans were good to me.

AK91973d ago

I kinda want Disney to stay away from games, sure they can allow devs to make beautiful and high quality games like Spiderman (2018) but they are very controlling and if they plan to overtake the gaming industry like they are the movie industry we might not get anymore unique experiences.

jeki971d ago

Even if they plan to overtake the gaming industry it isn't going to happen. It's too big to be overtaken by any one company.