Game Revolution: Wii Music Review

Game Revolution writes: "Imagine you're sitting at the right hand of God during the creation of the cosmos (or if you prefer a more secular metaphor, pretend you're looking over someone's shoulder while that person is playing Spore). With each new and ridiculous creation, you turn to the Creator, give him-or her-a quizzical glance and politely ask, "Pardon me, but WTF?" As he keeps coming up with more outlandish, impractical creatures, you can't help but wonder what he's thinking. All you can do is shrug and assume he must know what he's doing."

+ Immediately accessible
- Immediately pointless
+ Unique take on the music game genre
- . . .thank god.
- More bleeps than a David Jaffe interview
- Ma. . .ss. . .ive. . .De. . .la. . .y.

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