Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Real-time Ray Tracing versus Vanilla/Console video comparison

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, NVIDIA and Bethesda announced that Wolfenstein: Youngblood will support real-time ray tracing effects. Although the publisher did not reveal the effects for which ray tracing will be used, it released a new trailer that featured scenes with ray tracing enabled."

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Zeke6848d ago

Every single ray-tracing video from nVidia from Quake to Wolfenstein here is 90% brighter light that don't fit the games at all. While a few scenes have more details, others like beginning of this video when they jump out of the helicopter it actually look alot worse with ray tracing on.
I think we need more time before this is a "big deal". But it's good they try to master new ways of improving graphics. What's next ? Novalogic's VoxelEngine? Would be fun to see that one in action on todays hardware (Comanche 2.0 for the win hehe) ;)

anonymousfan48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I agree it looks as though ray tracing was added as an afterthought with the original/ray tracing off version has a more cohesive and pleasant visual style. It'll get better eventually but games will probably have to be built with the tech from the ground up.

OpenGL48d ago

Yeah this really makes me want to replace my 1080Ti.