Talkxbox: Fallout 3 Review

Talkxbox writes: "It's not an easy endeavor creating a sequel to one of the most beloved games in history. Despite this ponderous task Bethesda has decided to take a risk and develop a new Fallout game, appropriately named Fallout 3. Bethesda's take on post-apocalypse America may not please diehard fans of the series, but that doesn't mean that Fallout 3 is by any means a bad game. If you're expecting "another Fallout game" you'll be sadly disappointed. Bethesda has put together a fully realized world; as soon as you depart from Vault 101 and enter The Wasteland, you'll never want to leave.

Before you're born into the world, you should set your expectation accordingly. Fallout 3 is not a sequel to Fallout 2. Aside from a few scarce references and the inclusion of franchise classics such as the Brotherhood of Steel and Vault Boy, you'd have a hard time identifying this game from some other apocalypse simulator. The game would've been better off titled "Trashland" and didn't worry about rabid fans screaming blasphemy whenever arcane specifics were fiddled around with. As someone who played Fallout 2 for the first time four months ago, I didn't mind the fact that the game strayed so far away from its source material, but anyway:"

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