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"Did Silent Hill teach us nothing?

That was the question left lingering in the air at the end of this Dead Space experience. This is not to say the game was ever expected to be a Silent Hill imitation, nor should it have been, but Dead Space is clearly a game which aims to be atmospheric and daunting in nature and unfortunately, according to this reviewer, very much misses its mark. It is not without caution that this description is projected; such a critical account is in direct opposition to the majority of reviews available by this point for the game, with Metacritic reporting a metascore of 88 based on 50 critic's reviews. Furthermore, there are indeed several aspects of Dead Space that have fully come to fruition. But this does not negate the fact that, essentially, the game sets out to become something it never manages to be, and thereby falls short of its undeniably great potential."

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spongeboob5318d ago

Give me a f'n break this review is pathetic. I'm going to start a website just to review dumb a55 review sites like this.

Don't believe this pile of garbage review this game is fantastic.

Durffen5318d ago

No one needs to believe the review. This is one persons opinion, no need to get angry over it.

Born2BK1NG5318d ago

What a gayA$$ review...I played this game at my friends house, and it was awesome! This site is obliviously on crack. THE GAMERS CAFE IS BS...

GO Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Durffen5318d ago

How is an entire site garbage because of one persons opinion? I have yet to play the game myself, but the reviewer didn't like this game, plain and simple. And somehow the whole site is garbage?

dro5318d ago

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gameraxis5318d ago

i happen to agree with u but so far I've seen u post the same thing on every thread i read, stop spamming already!!

harpua5318d ago

what a load of crap...this is a solid game.