IGN: Interview with Resistance 2 Co-op designers

A quick interview with the developer team of coop in Resistance 2.

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ThatCanadianGuy4024d ago

Best co op.Of any game.Period.

dna-black-fox4024d ago

o my god i would kill someone to play this game

I Got 99 Problems Bu4024d ago

I cant wait for R2,I was going to get the game tonight but I'ma have to postpone it till tomorrow(got a group of friends over watching the election coverage jeah)

Vulcan Raven4024d ago

but I must say that the offline is disappointing. We should be able to play through the game in coop just like the first RFOM. The graphics in this game are wicked, the textures are good, in most places, and the action is steady. I would recommend it to any fps fan with a ps3, the collectors edition is pretty sweet, i love the box art.

CrippleH4024d ago

I have played most of the great FPS campaign and I say R2 campaign rocks.

It got running scenes, awesome 1 side vs another battles, and man it's so awesome that I can't put into words.

Play it people. There is tiny glitches but it won't affect your gameplay.

The A.I rocks btw.

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