PS3 Firmware (v2.52) Update

Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming PS3 firmware update (v2.52). This minor update is coming soon and includes the following:

The playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved.
A text entry issue that occurs when using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard with some PS3 format software has been addressed.

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Nitrowolf24030d ago

so ahh wat does this fix?
i mean i see it but im a bit confuse.
Is it Targeted for a game? i mean i notice a issue with it in LBP but offline where when you type it would lag a bit

Hydrolex4030d ago

who is my Home Coming queen ?

Peter Griffin4030d ago

The future and guaranteed win for the PS3 lies in its consistent software updates

callahan094030d ago

I just went to check "Community" on Resistance 2, and it said System Update required. So, I'm updating now. 2.52 is out, just so you all know. (No idea what it does yet, though)

Dir_en_grey4030d ago

and ever since 2.5 it double spaces instead of single space regardless if I am in Japanese or English mode...
Haven't updated yet but hopefully that's what they were saying when talking about the keyboard problem.

therealwillie4030d ago

when i use my keyboard sometime it can freeze..... but you can still use the controller (you can move the page in the background on the browser), you just can't exit the text input.... no key works on the keyboard, basically i have to reset the whole time, hope thats what they're on about

HardcoreGamer4030d ago

before ps3 was able to play music and able to browse the net at the same time.

but this got taken off. and you couldnt

but the firmware now 2.52 has brought that back. Finally i dont know wny they took that off, i was also hoping that you could access xmb while watching video (it just pauses now) i used to always watch and message, but its gone. its been gone before the new couple of updates, but i want it back damit

Lifendz4029d ago

forgive me for sounding like an old timer, but I remember when PSN was nothing but a quasi-web page that you navigated using your controller to move a cursor. Now it's a sleek, fast, and intuitive interface and it's still free. In my day we got hit with firmwares every other week. Some did nothing...most did nothing....but after 2.4 it seems like the majority of PS3 owners want something major from each firmware. Heck, I remember when most of us were excited to have the upscaler for DVDs.

Just shows how far Sony has come with PS3. I wonder if people will still complain about insignificant firmware updates when PSN offers all the services of live and is still free.

Bubble Buddy4029d ago

I have a LBP trophy glitch. Will this fix it >.<. I'm stuck at 31% for LBp trophies.

kopicha4029d ago

well said. this is some post that makes most sense after a long long time. i have never see such a logical post from a person ever since the entire world got corrupted by fanboys. bubble for you. anyway honestly i felt the same way as you do. but then again u know people never learn to appreciate and only know how to complain and biatch about every small little thing but never turn around and think about what they have contribute on their end and only biatch about what they want and not getting them.

callahan094029d ago

Why the hell did somebody give me a disagree on my comment up above? I normally don't ask questions like that, I just let it slide because I know this website is filled with opinionated people, but how the hell are you going to disagree with me? I stated that 2.52 is out. If you don't believe me, go check System Update and download it yourself. Gee whiz.

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SmokedOut4030d ago

Its available now in the u.s so its probably ready everywhere, downloading now...

Spike474030d ago

bring it with a more important update or is the next update a really big one.....say maybe HOME? ;)

meepmoopmeep4030d ago

Home isn't totally linked with FW updates
people have been using the beta for a while.

but i do expect a small FW update prior to Home to address minor things.

Ps3Fanboy7774030d ago

I use to like these but im tired of downloading, then installing. Im done ill update once every 4 or 5 updates its just gotten to annoying.

Max Power4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

take a shower, surf the web, or watch tv. do you think this is going to go away the next generation?

plain rice4030d ago

Yeah wtf? There's also the auto shutdown feature for some of you lazy mofo's.

jtucker784030d ago

Or move to Europe...

...I downloaded 2.50 in about 30 seconds.

creeping judas4029d ago

or get a N564 or PS1, guaranteed to not require any updates!!!!!

lawgone4029d ago

I agree. The people who aren't complaining about the updates must never have done one on the 360. The download is so much faster (i.e., smaller file) and the installation takes place as it downloads. I can't understand why Sony can't make their firmware updates smaller in size. I'm willing to bet that the major update for the 360 interface will install more quickly than this does. And no, I'm not a 360 fanboy...just speaking the truth.

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ELite_Ghost4030d ago

the more updates the better! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.