IGN: Quantum of Solace Wii Review

IGN has played and reviewed lots of "bad" games on Wii, but unlike those before it Quantum of Solace feels like a title that has a real soul to it, and somewhere in the mess of unprecedented frame issues, visual bugs, and sloppy port code is a game that really could have been a blast to play. Instead, it's one you want to avoid at all costs, as Bond's first Wii effort doesn't deliver over some of Treyarch's previous (and upcoming) efforts on Wii.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 4.5
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Lasting Appeal - 3.5
Overall -

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4029d ago
morganfell4029d ago

The power of the Wii. Indeed. Nice to see it exposed as the substandard hardcore wannabe console it is. Last gen console meets next gen title.

steveg25644029d ago

You don't think it's the developer? You seem kind of obsessed for hating the Wii based upon this game. No?

Maxned4029d ago

You douche. Go troll on Gears 2 reviews. If you have ever played Super Mario Galaxy or seen The Conduit in person, you would know that the wii has much better potential than this crap. Treyarch fails yet again on wii.

(Call of Duty 3 - No multiplayer on wii)
(Quantum of Solace - 4 player online... wtf!?)
(Call of Duty: World at War - ???)

White-Sharingan4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

lol @ Maxned

you always try to pull the whole "Super mario galaxy is epic this" and "SMG GOTY that" blah blah blah

I admit SMG is an epic game but its just 1 game for wii

the rest are full of shiit; Wii games can suck my coc|<


morganfell4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

@ White-Sharingan,

I do not know or care what manxed said (I put that cat turd on ignore) but I can guess. I do have to say I admire the way you came off the top rope with the Atomic Elbow and decked that little nancy boy. Bubbles.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

The fact that Movie based games fail like 90% of the time you use this as prove of what the Wii "really" is.

You are just hating, you didn't even knew how the IR worked nor the ACC in the Wii-mote.

Just shut up you make yourself look more like an idiot on a flame riot.

morganfell4028d ago

It is a really good example of what the Wii is indeed. I have been playing the PS3 version and it isn't the best PS3 game (that would be MGS4) but it isn't that bad either. And it also isn't a 4.5 PS3 game. Graphically, the Xbox 1 ought to be the minimum standard for Wii games. Instead they barely match the PS2. And graphics are only a small part of the issue.

You need to go take a good look at yourself before you jump at other people johnny springboard. Look at your history of comments. Someone has an issue here alright. You personify the blind mindless Nintendo fanboy that 360 and PS3 gamers alike despise. You can crawl back up Miyamoto's rear and hibernate for all I care. It would be nice to see you have you head shoved up someone's crack besides your own for a change.

There is a reason the Wii makes a better Internet browser and weather channel than a gaming machine. You just don't like it. You were suckered into thinking it was the next gen end all be all and you defend it like it was mankind's last hope for gaming. When game after game is pure crap you reach a point where you can stop blaming the developers. The Wii doesn't have shovelware. The percentage of trash on that machine makes it more like Bulldozerware.

You can blame the fact that it is a movie game if you want and scream and throw your Gerber's and full diaper on the wall. When you settle down and age enough to learn to walk without faceplanting against the coffee table, put down the number 2 husky pencil and the My Little Pony and try reading that review again nancy.

IGN's main issues with the game are not the fact that it is a movie license. It is the Wii dummy. From the quote "Sluggish IR Control..." on down. It is the Wii. Now go have a good cry.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

so much text, yet i stopped at "fanboy".
Yeah whatever mate, you judge the Wii by a crappy port while you know damn well that there are other games that are better than this one.
And they are better if made exclusive for the Wii( not talking about waggle fest here).

If im really that of a Fanboy, how come I have a PS3 and soon ill be having 360?

So why don't you crawl up miyamoto's ass?
And what does miyamoto have to do with this crappy port?

Also i still laugh at you, because you didn't know jack about the Wii mote.

Take care now.

steveg25644028d ago

You can insult people all you want, but you seem to have a history of reading only the parts of quotes that support your argument. I think sloppy port says it all. Sluggish IR doesn't indicate that it's the Wii at all.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Did he bring up the "IR" sucks again?
This guy claimed that they made Motion plus to improve controls that are meant for games like Metroid Prime 3 AKA "FPS"(although i don't consider MEtroid a FPS, more a FP-Adventure/Shooter).

That only makes me not want to take him serious.

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Danja4029d ago

no one saw this score

Smacktard4029d ago

Not a score THIS low, but I did see it being trash. Come on, anyone who thought this game was gonna be good should be crowned with a dunce cap.

Harri44444029d ago

LOL movie games. 100$ says that this game well sale like crazy.

tatotiburon4029d ago

no more ports for wii please. The wii is a machine that need exclusive and innovate AAA titles like SMG, Wario, Metroid, Zelda, wii fit. This crappy ports are kiling the machine. The only thing that look good is the COD5 port, but nothing else. C'mon Nintendo, Wii is a great console, but now you are putting the "Nintendo Quality" mark to a toilet full of crap.

ChickeyCantor4029d ago

No even a port( well i rather not have them but still) can be awesome( RE:4?...although that was just destined to be working with the Wii-mote)...

it's just that movie games don't work.
They must be pushed to give this "feel" of becoming the "character" from the movie...which results in crappy gameplay.

Although there must have been some good movie games right?

jtucker784029d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

You're right sidar, but don't forget that the Wii will run the Gamecube RE4 without any code changes. The Wii and Gamecube architecture is virtually identical as it is. The code almost didn't need need to change, so I can't imagine porting RE4 would be as difficult as getting the COD engine running on a Wii.
I think the only difference between the versions (apart from a little extra content) is widescreen, 480p and Wiimote integration.

EDIT: Okami would be a good port to bring up. PS2 and Wii architecture are quite different. Bully?

Besides, we all know that it's World at War that Treyarch are putting the most effort into.
Let's forget about this title and wait to see how COD5 turns out.

ChickeyCantor4029d ago

No i was talking about Movie based games that they just don't work.
And that a port could still work even if there needs to be done lots of work.

Movie games are 90% of the time crappy as hell.

jtucker784028d ago

You're right movie games don't work, usually because they're just cash ins from sh1tty games companies.

Bond has been good before though - not just Goldeneye. What was the bond that came out after that? I forget. I remember it being OK though, but not as good as goldeneye.

I must admit I had higher hopes from Treyarch, especially as they are a proper games company and were using the COD engine.

Oh well, like I said COD5 is out soon. Then Conduit next year.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

that would be the world is not enough?

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