Rumor: Ubisoft Pass Premium to Be Announced Soon

Sharp-eyed players have found new details about a service called Ubisoft Pass Premium which is appearing on Ubisoft Store as an out-of-stock item.

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sander9702644d ago

Did you forget that the GAS future is getting closer by the day?

XiNatsuDragnel644d ago

Yep and it makes me sad 😭😢

Xavi4K644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

Oh yes ... imagine paying 30$ $ a year or so to play all far cry all assian creed and other games made by ubisoft...

XiNatsuDragnel643d ago

Make it an option, not the necessity or riot

TekoIie646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

If it is a subscription service get ready to see Ubi games disappear from Game Pass and PS Now over the next year or so.

Play them now to make sure you get your value.

Mystogan644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

There's barely any ubisoft games on gamepass anyway.

Only one I can think of is For Honor.

Edit: Actually there aren't any Ubisoft games on Game Pass at all. So we're not losing anything lol For Honor was part of GwG once.

Would be awesome if all ubisoft games come on it day and date. I would definitely pay for that.

GtPawnSacrifices644d ago

I noticed that long ago. I even asked GamePass why no Ubi titles, but they didn’t respond (they usually do reply promptly to my questions)
So my theory is this has been brewing for quite some time now.

MrBeatdown644d ago

Five years ago I said...

"This is going to be the online pass all over again. EA sees a way to cash in, yanking their games off Plus and GWG to put on their own service, every publisher follows suit, and we get screwed in the end, stuck paying even more for something that once came free with what we were already paying for."

And here we go...

arkard644d ago

Echoing my thoughts as well. Everyone was so quick to swallow EA Access and opened up the flood gates

644d ago
BizarroUltraman644d ago

you don't have to get the service you know! And just keep buying games the way you have for years. that is all....

Sophisticated_Chap644d ago

This is why both Sony and Microsoft will continue to acquire new studios, so that they can comfortably supply their own services with content, should all third party publishers pull their games and start their own game services. I think these games services pose more of a threat to PC based platforms, rather than consoles, since Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo control that part or the market.

1-pwnsause-1644d ago

this crap is getting outta hand.....

King_Noctis644d ago

How many more premium passes do we need to have?

Double_O_Revan644d ago

Till they steal every dollar from your wallet apparently.

sprinterboy644d ago

Yep, gamers will end up with like 20 direct debits every month at this rate.

UltraNova644d ago

This is happening. I remember arguing about this when Gamepass was "all the rage". This is the result, and its just the begining. Activision is next.

King_Noctis644d ago (Edited 644d ago )


But this is different from GamePass. GamePass give you games from different developers/publishers. Ubisoft is only giving you their games for their service, just like EA.

Shane Kim644d ago

Then we have all the movie services on top. Do they think money grows on trees?

UltraNova644d ago


Its not gamepass and its offerings the point here but rather the increasing subscriptions we are asked to pay every month...I don't know about you or anyone else but my pockets run only so deep.

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Larrysweet644d ago

Lmao its future of gaming period yall keep ushering it in

Blank644d ago

There you go EA Access defenders more services and options! /S

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