Street Fighter II HD turbos onto 360, PS3 in November

Developed by Foundation 9's Backbone Entertainment, Turbo HD Remix features a new soundtrack, rebalanced gameplay, online multiplayer, and 1080p visuals completely redrawn by Udon Comics. In a nod to purists, Capcom is also giving players the option of playing with the arcade edition's graphics, sound, and game balance.

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karlostomy5506d ago

the problem with that is that your statement is blatantly untrue.

Bioshock 360 = 720p
Bioshock ps3 = 680p

GTAIV 360 = 720p
GTAIV ps3 = 640p

Now THAT is the truth!

Fishy Fingers5506d ago

Think I'll just hold out for SF4 now. This should of released months ago and there are just to many games fighting for my time now.

ceedubya95506d ago

I like the updated look and all, and I still may get it because I love Street Fighter. But SF4 is just drawing a whole lot more excitement from these days. Even if I got this game, once SF4 came out, I probably would never play it again.

riksweeney5506d ago

OK, the classic sound and graphics are self explanatory, but what about the balance? Have they toned down Sagat in the HD version or something?

SoIid Snake5506d ago

About time. I think I'll pass on Street Fighter IV and get this instead. 2D Fighters FTW.

Yi-Long5506d ago

... wouldnt the new 2d sprite-based King of Fighters be a better option to go for!? At least that one promises to have really good animation and graphics.

ceedubya95506d ago

That new KOF is definitely on my to-buy list. If you are all about the 2D, that would probably be the game to look out for. They are actually updating the graphics and everything. Looks great so far.

But still, even though SF4 has 3D graphics, its still a 2D game at heart. You should still give it a try.

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The Scientifically Proven Best Video Games of All Time #14: Street Fighter II

Warp Zoned writes:

"Street Fighter II: The World Warrior wasn’t the first fighting game ever released, but it single-handedly helped shape the genre for decades to come."

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Kurdishcurse2380d ago

Pffft. What desperate articles

iofhua2380d ago

I played street fighter 2 for years on my SNES even after I got my N64. It was just relaxing the way you could beat the snot out of such iconic characters.


Persona 5, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & Virtua Fighter 5 are almost playable on RPCS3

Great news for all PS3 fans (blasphemyyyyyyyy, how can a PC gaming site talk about PS3 fans, how, HOW, HOOOOOOWWWWW) as RPCS3 is making a lot of progress. Since the launch of a Patreon campaign, its author has been working hard on it and it appears that its latest version can run a couple of games.

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zivtheawesome2434d ago

well it's not almost playable but very interesting. probably like a year or 2 from being fully playable

mikeslemonade2433d ago

So much hassle to play subpar performance. Just buy a PS3 and the game.


Humble Capcom Playstation Bundle Nearing End Date

Carl Williams writes, "If you are reading this then you are probably a fan of retro games. Just taking a stab in the dark there. Well, we just found out that Capcom, one of the better retro supporting companies out there, has this package with Humble Bundle full of Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 games. You better hurry and grab this one because time is running out."

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zeal0us2644d ago

If they had more PS4 games I would've taken advantage of this.